Yeh Teri Galiyan 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Shan And Devika Get Married


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Scene 1

Akira says how about we go. I will wear something different. We need to go. Nevi says yes how about we go. She goes to the mandap. Shan says for what reason do I feel like Devika is in a difficult situation. If it’s not too much trouble deal with her God. I previously lost my adoration once. I need her to get all that she needs throughout everyday life. Devika says I need to stop Shan. I won’t let Shan wed an off-base young lady like Akira. He’s wedding her for his children. In any case, she’s a detestable individual. Today is Valentine’s day and you need to join us today God.

Shan sees a ring on the floor and says it’s Devika’s ring. That implies she’s right now. Krishi says Devika aunt where right? Akira says for what reason are we sitting around. It’s running out. She more likely than not left this ring here. Nevi says I think her life is in a difficult situation. We need to discover her. Shan says yes I feel like she’s in a tough situation. We need to discover her. Akira says yet.. Shan says I am heartbroken. He runs upstairs.

Shan looks all over the place however Akira is no place. He says where did this ring originate from? Akira says we should get hitched first. Nevi reviews she saw Akira leaving the storeroom. Nevi says I know where she could be. Shan and Nevi see Devika in the store. Shan picks her and takes her to the room. Shan says would you say you are alright Devika? She says yes. Devika says I realized you would come to spare me and God would prevent you from wedding Akira. My adoration didn’t wed a malevolent young lady. Shan says who did this? How could you come here? What was the deal? Krishi says would you say you are alright? Nevi says I have a thought who did this. Simply take her name once then observe what I do. Akira says I did this. Ask me. Truly I did it since I love you Shan. I can’t survive without you. On the off chance that any third individual separates us I would do likewise. Chahat you need me to do a similar right? Krishi has Devika. She adores her. I will be your mother and love you. Request that your dad wed me. Krishi holds Devika’s hand and gives it in Shan’s grasp. She says you’re abhorrent. What you did with her, you could do with me. It’s so off-base. You can’t be my mother. My dad will never wed you.

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Akira says this is a result of this Devika. I will murder her. She picks a container. Shan says you indicated who are you. You’re Shekhawat’s sister. She says yes I am. At the point when somebody takes what’s yours you successfully stop it. He says you and your sibling thought love is a thing that you claim. Nevi says she has a place in the prison. I have called the police. She requests that the examiner capture her. Akira says how might you do that? If it’s not too much trouble stop it Shan.

Nevi says God has demonstrated you the best approach to Devika today and on Valentine’s day. Everything is prepared. Chahat and Krishi state father please say yes. Shan says Devika, okay hold my hand forever? Okay be my Valentine? She says yes. I love you. Shan says I love you as well. Shan says will you wed me?

Scene 2

Devika and Shan get hitched. They take adjusts around the fire. Shan fills her hairline and makes her wear mangalsutra. Pandit ji says from today she’s your significant other and your children’s mom. Shan says Asmita, I am grieved. However, I will never give your place to anybody. Shan sees Asmita’s creative mind. He says your place will consistently continue as before in my life. I will never give your piece of adoration to anybody. In any case, in Devika I have an actual existence accomplice and our girls have a mother. I will consistently cherish you.

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