Yeh Teri Galiyan 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Asmita Is Pregnant


Yeh Teri Galiyan 13th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Shan says what was the deal? I needed to get ready for marriage. Asmita says it’s something that ought to be uncovered before everybody. He says how about we proceed to tell everybody. Asmita and San come there clasping hands. Everybody is stunned. Shan says it’s regarding time. We should come clean with them. Asmita says I need to disclose to all of you something. It’s significant. I am extremely cheerful that Akira wedded a man she truly adores. I couldn’t care less is he is my ex. Shan is bewildered. Asmita says I trust both of you live respectively. Another news, the more joyful one. I am pregnant. Shekhawat will be a father. Shan is stunned. Everybody applauds. Shekhawat grins. He says thank you for giving me the best prize of my life. He embraces her. Shan is shocked. Shan says for what reason would she say she is lying? Akira embraces Shan. Shan says I need to converse with Asmita.

Shekhawat says today is a twofold upbeat day. Akira got hitched and Asmita is pregnant. I might want to hit the dance floor with Asmita to commend it. Shekhawat hits the dance floor with Asmita. They move on Aye dil hai mushkil. Shan hits the dance floor with Akira. He is confused. Asmita rolls and hits the dance floor with Shan. He says what is happening here? Asmita says this is valid. Shan says quit lying. For what reason would you say you are lying? Shan says would you say you are insane? We needed to uncover Shekhawat. Meher says like you can push ahead throughout everyday life, I can as well. You dismissed Krishi and made meextremely upset. So I chose to proceed onward. Presently you will know how it fools. What I said was just a show. She hits the dance floor with Shekhawat.

Krishi says what’s going on, father? For what reason is a mother with Shekhawat uncle? Did both of you battle? I don’t care for it when you battle with her. Have you done a mix-up? It would be ideal if you express sorry to her. Shan says there’s in no way like that. I don’t have a clue for what reason would she say she is doing that? There must be some explanation. Everything would be fine. I don’t care for it when you cry. Shan takes a gander at Shekhawat. Nevi asks Shan you said there’s some arrangement? What is this? SHan says there’s something incorrectly. Is Asmita under tension? Nevi says I am getting awful vibes. We as a whole need to leave. Shan says I won’t let anything transpire.

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Scene 2

Shekhawat pulls Mamo’s hair and says don’t set out telling anybody truth. Mamo says SHan is much superior to you. I was your overseer. I brought you up like a child. Mamo says you can quiet me however reality turns out. Shekhawat says I won’t let that occur.

Shan pulls Asmita aside and says is there an issue? It would be ideal if you mention to me what was the deal? Asmita says I am pregnant. I have proceeded onward. Shekhawat comes there. Asmita hurries to him. Shan says I will discover reality. Shan says what are you doing Asmita? We are sheltered. Kindly don’t be frightened. Shekhawat says for what reason would I alarm anybody? Asmita discovered you were never there for her. I was. So she offered herself to me. Furthermore, she is pregnant. She has proceeded onward. She couldn’t shroud it for long. Right, Asmita? She gestures. Shekhawat says you ought to proceed to rest Asmita. Shan says would you say you are crazy? You don’t need to be feeling the squeeze? Akira says what was the deal? Shan says see this disturbing man’s world. He grabbed a lady and now is coercing Asmita when we were going to uncover him. Asmita says what are you saying? Quit lying. What are these bogus stories? Asmita says stop this show, if it’s not too much trouble Akira adores you. Consider her in any event. Kindly don’t offend her. Akira says is that all obvious? Truly or no? You just got drew in to me for this show? Shan says yes. Akira is stunned. Akira rushes to her room and bolts herself. Mamo says Akira please open the entryway. Shan says I will murder you in the event that anything happens to her. Asmita says Shan I have proceeded onward throughout everyday life. Wed AKira please and proceed onward.

Precap-Asmita and the other young lady face one another.


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