Yeh Teri Galiyan 12th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Shan In Love With Devika


Yeh Teri Galiyan 12th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Nevi says what happened Shan? For what reason would you say you are crying? Let me know? I am seeing you cry after so long? What’s stinging you? I realize you have affections for Devika and they’re befuddling you. A mother knows it all. You aren’t tolerating your emotions. Shan says I’m not catching your meaning? She says you’re enamored with Devika. You are ignoring it since you figure you can’t adore anybody yet Asmita. In any case, you’re fleeing from the real world. WE need to move throughout everyday life. Devika would be your better half and Krishi’s mother. Asmita needed the equivalent. Shan says I just adored Asmita. Devika can never be Asmita. Nevi says however you love her for who she isn’t on the grounds that she looks like Asmita. Shan says I can never adore her. Nevi says I trust you don’t wind up wedding Akira in these feelings. You have committed numerous errors as of now.

Nevi attempts to converse with Akira. Akira comes there and says what’s going on with you? You can’t remove Shan from me. Try not to set out to interfere with me and Shan. You know who my sibling was. I can’t be mother Terresa. I won’t forfeit my affection. Nevi says in heart I need to converse with Devika.

Krishi says to Devika accompany me to dad. I will converse with her. Nevi says you need to accompany us before it’s past the point of no return. How about we go please. Devika is confounded. They come. Chahat and Akira are alredy there. CHahat is stating dad please wed Akira aunt in two days. I won’t have the option to appreciate after that as a result of my tests. Akira says Mamo likewise said this is the correct time. Akira says would you say you are upbeat? On the off chance that you would prefer not to wed me, at that point say it before Chahat. Shan says it isn’t care for that. We will wed inside two days. Chahat says thank you father. Devika and Krishi are vexed.

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Scene 2

Nevi says Akira has mentally programmed Chahat. She is controlling him. I won’t let Shan wed an inappropriate young lady. This is about Krishi and Chahat as well. Krishi says what might we do? He isn’t admitting that he cherishes Devika aunt and that mother sent her. What might we do? Nevi says I have a thought. She says no one but Devika can cause Shan to understand that he cherishes her. Devika says yet he doesn’t have affections for me. Nevi says he adores you however he isn’t tolerating his emotions. He is confounded. Love can change that disarray. I realize the amount he cherishes you. He would be yours once he understands his sentiments. Krishi says you must act naturally before daddy not my mother. He will become hopelessly enamored with you. Devika says I don’t comprehend. Nevi says you are dressed like Asmita. Act naturally. Devika says I am frightened. Krishi says you would win without a doubt. Nevi says I won’t let Akira wed Shan.

Shan is sleeping. Devika goes to the lobby and sings mujhko iraday de. Shan awakens and comes first floor. Shan falls. Devika spares him. Shan returns to his room. Devika says I realize it is difficult for you. Akira says you figure you would prevail with this? Nothing can part me and Shan this time. Devika says you don’t have a clue about the intensity of adoration. Akira says I love him a great deal. Devika says expectation matters more. Akira says we will be hitched in 24 hours. Devika says I have a whole day. Anything can change in a minute. Akira says I can’t lose Shan. I need to accomplish something with this Devika.

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