Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Kunal Slaps Mishti


Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 14th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Nidhi asking Ketki how is she looking. Ketki says great. Parul asks Nidhi not to advise anything to Jasmeet. Nidhi reproves her and goes. Ketki embraces Parul. Parul approaches her to take shagun for Mishti. Ketki says I can’t take all the things. Jugnu says I won’t have the option to take it. Ketki says Kuhu has sent two individuals to support us. Abir and Kunal come in young ladies camouflage. Parul asks Jugnu for what reason is he giggling. Nanu says we are getting late, come. Abir asks Kunal to talk in female voice. He says I constantly needed a more youthful sister, my fantasy got genuine, Kaveri. Kunal asks what’s this Kaveri, I would prefer not to do this. Abir jokes. He says Kuhu will think that its clever, she will giggle, stop jabber, let me know, how am I looking. Kunal looks on and goes.

Mishti says Kuhu isn’t telling anybody, possibly there is serious issue in her business, where did she keep the court notice. Mishti gets the notification. Rajshri comes and asks what’s going on with you. Mishti says I was discovering this lipstick. Rajshti takes her. Abir and Kunal come to Maheshwari house. Abir requests that her be cautious. He says we need to move in haldi. Abir and Kunal move on Pallo latke… .

Kunal goes to Kuhu. She hits him. Everybody moves. Abir takes Kuhu for move. Everybody applauds. Varsha says I was thinking to call Meenakshi here, she is Kunal’s mum moreover. Nidhi says stress, the water fell over. Varsha encourages her. Parul requests that her appreciate, its her sister’s marriage. Kuhu says I m fine, just piece tired. She embraces Parul. Parul asks Abir and Kunal to get juice for Kuhu. Abir says its a possibility, go Kunal. He says my sister does great back rub, her tiredness will go. Kuhu says I m fine. Abir says I will get kada. Kunal sits. Kunal holds her. Bekhudi… plays… Ketki praises Mishti. Jugnu crashes into Abir. They tumble down. Mishti asks are you fine.

Abir holds Mishti and says Jugnu is certainly not a decent, yet world’s best sibling, sorry. Abir shows his face. She says Ajeeb Rajvansh. He stops her and takes her. She picks the notification. Kuhu expresses profound gratitude, I feel better after the back rub. Kunal asks how could you feel previously. She says exceptionally terrible. He says your better half would have accomplished something. She asks how would you know. Kunal goes to Abir. Abir asks didn’t you converse with Kuhu. Kunal signs no. Parul requests that they get haldi. Abir asks Kunal to recollect the holi and play it. Abir takes haldi for Mishti. Do dil… .plays… . Mishti grins. Abir asks Kunal to go. Kunal applies haldi to Kuhu and goes. Kuhu searches for him. Kunal holds her and ties a belt. Abir comes to Mishti and applies haldi. Ishaqzaade… .plays… . Jugnu drops the flower petals on Kunal and Kuhu.

Abir and Mishti sentiment. Kunal embraces Kuhu. Kuhu thinks everything will get fine at this point. Mishti says you are in a lot of touch with female side. Abir says I simply need to be in contact with you. He asks how would I look now. She grins and says you know, its misfortune in the event that I see you today. He says I will close eyes. She leaves. Naata mera… .plays… . They grin. She gets a stool and jumps on it. She kisses him and goes. He opens eyes.

Kuhu says you were not going to come. Kunal says it would have past the point of no return. Mishti goes out. Jasmeet picks the letter. Mishti says its my papers, give it. Jasmeet says its Kuhu’s name. She checks and gets stunned. She peruses, deed of separation. Mishti gets stunned. She asks what. Kuhu hurries to Jasmeet and says I will clarify you. Abir says don’t tell anybody. Jasmeet runs. Varsha gets stunned hearing their contention. Mishti says I didn’t think about legal documents, I thought its identified with business and needed to help. Varsha says this can’t occur and goes crying. Kuhu cries and slaps Mishti. Abir and Kunal get stunned.

Precap: Vishwamber says you have concealed a major thing. Kuhu says sorry, it happened in view of Mishti. Jasmeet says you won’t wed Abir until everything gets fine in Kuhu’s life.


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