Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Naira Learns Vedika’s Fraud


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Naira checking about Umesh on friendsbook. She reviews his words. Kairav says the gathering was a lot of fun. Suwarna requests that they have some nourishment. Vedika says Naira had come, there will be some confirmation of it. Kairav says we need to go to football club, we need to call Naira additionally, request that her be prepared. Kartik says indeed, I will call her. Vedika says I will likewise come, you recollect what I let you know, I can’t disregard you where Naira is near. Naira gets Dadi’s call. She says Umesh left, we got cheated. Dadi says hear me out, Pallavi has gotten back home, Vedika and Pallavi are talking. Naira asks would you be able to discover. Dadi says I will attempt. Pallavi says Umesh said he needs to leave and clear a few contribution, I will converse with him when he desires development. Vedika says I m terrified, Naira went to the gathering today.

Pallavi says ensure that Naira isn’t with Kartik, I m heading off to the emergency clinic now, I will do your work. Naira says stop Pallavi for quite a while, I need to go to the medical clinic and locate their mystery. Dadi says I do great acting. Naira says you do exaggerating now and then. Dadi sees Pallavi going. Naira gets the tea and reviews Kartik. She says I m in hustle, possibly next time. She goes. Dadi calls Naira. Pallavi calls Umesh and requests that he go to the clinic. Dadi appeals to God for Naira. Kairav requests that Kartik call Naira. Kartik says I overlooked. Vedika says we will go legitimately, our time will get spared. Kartik asks Kairav to call Naira from his telephone. Kairav inquires as to for what reason is Vedika accompanying us. He says mum’s telephone isn’t associating.

Vedika says call Naksh. Kairav calls Naksh and requests mumma. Naksh says Naira isn’t at home, she went out. Kairav says reveal to her that we are going to meet football Sir. Kartik says don’t stress, she will come, she remembers anything. They state Naira is the best. Vedika feels tragic. Naira goes to the clinic and sees Umesh going to Pallavi’s lodge. She says my telephone is off, else I would have recorded this, I can’t turn out, else Pallavi and Vedika will be alert. She stows away and says sister Sunita will recognize me. Umesh requests Pallavi. Attendant requests that he hold up there. Pallavi comes. Kairav says we had a ton of fun that day, when will we go for a motion picture, will we go today.

Kartik says we will see, we can have frozen yogurt now. Kairav says no, I will have it when mumma is with us. Vedika figures when will Naira escape from us. She asks Kairav to sit calm. Kartik asks Kairav does he need expands, proceed to get it. Kairav says no. Kartik says give this cash to him, it will support him. Kairav goes. Kartik chides Vedika. He says this arrangement is between us, don’t hurt my child, nothing is pixie to me than Naira and Kairav, don’t inform anything regarding them, I m with you, yet my heart is with them. Kairav gets the inflatables. Naira covers up and hears Umesh contending with Pallavi. Umesh says I needed cash and sold my kidney. Pallavi says you shouldn’t go to Vedika, I wasn’t in city, for what reason would I lie. He says you generally lie, you lied that your companion offered kidney to that young lady. She reproves him. Naira blows up and reviews Kartik’s words.

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Pallavi says I will do the exam. Umesh says no, I will complete tests in a major emergency clinic, I don’t trust you, its about my life. Pallavi goes. Dadi says did Naira arrive at medical clinic and get any evidence, I will call Kartik, no… in the event that Vedika questions, at that point she will be alert, I will pause. Naira reviews Vedika’s words. She blows up observing a few blurbs with Vedika’s name. She says now your game is over Vedika. Kartik envisions Naira cheering and requesting that he grin. He grins. Vedika takes a gander at him. Kairav asks when will mumma come, Sir will go in some time. Kartik says she will come. Vedika figures where did Naira go, she can do anything, she got back home today. Kartik says Naira’s telephone is off, Naksh said she didn’t get back home. He thinks if Naira is fine.

Naira comes. She figures I will liberate you from this blame soon Kartik, your blame will turn for outrage subsequent to knowing Vedika’s reality. She says sorry Kairav, I got late, we will meet your Sir, we will simply come. Vedika says sure. Kairav holds their hands and takes them. Sir adulates Kairav’s aptitudes. Kartik says Naira showed him the game aptitudes. Naira says now his father will oversee everything. Vedika says for what reason did Naira take a gander at me that way, did she know it all. Vedika requests that Kartik come, they are getting late. Kairav asks will I say bye to my companions. Kartik requests that he express bye to team promoters too. They chuckle and embrace. Naira grins. Kairav requests bunch embrace. Naira embraces them. Vedika looks on. Kairav goes. Vedika says Naira, you need to oversee preparing alone, on the grounds that Kartik and I are going out for special night. Naira gets stunned and sees Kartik.

Precap:Naira says Vedika is taking Kartik on special night, we need to give her that untruths consistently fizzles, we need to bring Vedika’s fact out.


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