Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik Vents Out His Rage


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Vedika going on a call. Naira and Kartik see one another. O jhoke… plays… They embrace. Naira says I need to reveal to you some fact. Kartik asks what. Naira says Vedika has deceived we all, she didn’t give me the kidney, my kidney was harmed, Umesh has given the kidney to me. Everybody is stunned. Naira says Umesh did this for cash, Vedika and Pallavi did this activity dramatization, that is the reason Pallavi did Vedika’s tests, she didn’t let nursing staff contact Vedika, Vedika had an arrangement with Kartik that he will never leave her on the off chance that she spares my life, so he sent me away, Kartik doesn’t adore her, yet he is powerless. Kairav and Vansh yell Vedika is extremely awful.

Naira says Vedika took Kartik to Dargah deliberately to defer the separation, with the goal that our marriage doesn’t mean anything, we respected her a companion, she doesn’t feel remorseful, she doesn’t understand her slip-up, she needed to take you on vacation. Kartik yells on Vedika. Vedika cries. Kartik says I won’t be with her now, Vedika can go anyplace, however not come in my direction, get out. Kartik embraces Naira. He says now nobody can isolate me from you and Kairav. Vedika slits her wrist. Everybody races to her.

Vedika says I disclosed to you Naira, I won’t let you get Kartik, I have attempted before additionally, I will kick the bucket, however shouldn’t something be said about you, I had sent my suicide note to Pallavi, I have composed that you both are the explanation behind my suicide, that Kartik takes part in an extramarital entanglements with his ex, sorry to do this, Naira you can’t see my satisfaction, you both can never join together, I m going. Naira yells Vedika… . Her fantasy closes. Vedika solicits are you dreaming from Kartik. Naira says I as of now have everything. Vedika says you lost and still would prefer not to lose, I won’t get frightened, Kartik is my significant other, you are obligated to me, I got Kartik here for Kairav, I may stop him too, don’t pressurize me to turn out to be awful. The window ornaments fall over Naira. Kartik reviews the Dargah mishap and yells Naira. He rushes to her. Everybody asks are you fine. Kartik embraces Naira. Vedika looks on.

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Kartik asks are you fine, will we go to the specialist. Naira says unwind, for what reason do you stress so a lot, it was only a material, are you fine. He says yes. Kartik says if all is well, we will fly kites. Vansh says difficulties will be entertaining. Naira says truly, its amusing to challenge individuals. Vedika holds Kartik’s hand and grins. She says its great we remained back, its enjoyment with everybody, we will go to the air terminal from here. Naira goes. Samarth says on the off chance that we break this until papad similarly, at that point wish gets satisfied. Gayu snickers. He breaks it into pieces. He says my state of mind ruined. She says let me attempt. She breaks it similarly. She says I wish your desire gets satisfied, I know your desire. He says I wish to offer everything to you and Vansh. Naira calls Naksh and asks did you discover anything, Vedika is discussing leaving. Naksh says I couldn’t discover anything, for what reason would police help us about Umesh.

Dadi asks what will we do now. Manish sees the papad and snickers. He says I just recollected what occurred. Suwarna says Kartik was stating Papad rather dad. He asks what will I do to make his Sankranti uncommon. She requests that he continue supplicating. Kartik says we will begin the challenge now. Udi jaye… plays… . Kartik sees Naira and Vedika. Samarth, Gayu move. Kartik deals with Naira and kisses her. Naira envisions this. She thinks Vedika can truly accomplish something incorrectly. Kartik gets a call. He gets stunned. Kairav gets frightened and embraces Naira. Kartik tosses his telephone and goes.

Gayu says perhaps he is concerned for office work. Vedika says right, don’t have a clue what calls he is getting since morning. Samarth says possibly there is some issue in manufacturing plant. Vedika says I will converse with him. Kartik hits the things. Suwarna says its most likely something significant. Samarth says all is well in processing plant and office. Dadi believes is it on account of Vedika. Somebody stops Kartik.

Precap:Naira says a few hours more. Kartik takes the sack and leaves. Vedika goes to see. She sees Kartik embracing Naira.


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