Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Kush Fakes Suicide Attempt


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with everybody asking Kush to descend. Kush undermines them. Surekha asks did you and Trisha get equity, proceed to give uplifting news to Trisha. She yells on Naira. She says I won’t leave anybody in the event that anything transpires. Kartik says I m going to converse with her. Kuhu undermines them and says sorry. Lav says its my mix-up once more, did you consider mother and father. Gayu feels unwell. Samarth requests that her go to room. She says I will get frightened alone. He requests that her stay there. Kartik thinks we need to stop Kush. Naira believes are they doing a dramatization and harming family, no they can’t fall to such an extent. Kush says I m getting bleary eyed. Lav requests that he close eyes.

Kairav asks what’s going on there. Naira says nothing. Kartik says all is well, remain inside the room. Kush says I can’t do the show now, I m coming. Kartik and Naira come. Kush says I m bouncing. Kartik says don’t be distraught, give me your hand. Kush says no, I would prefer not to live, you will take me to police, it will affront the family. Naira says don’t be frantic, we will be harmed on the off chance that you do this. Lav says guarantee that you won’t call police. She requests that he shut up. Kartik says you will fall and get debilitated, give me your hand. Naira requests that he see Surekha’s state, she cherishes her a ton. Lav signs no to Kush. Akhilesh asks Kush to descend. Naira thinks don’t attempt to extort family, come. Kartik says I lost a sibling and can’t lose another, give me your hand.

Kush holds his hand. Kartik spares him. The workers talk about Kush’s suicide endeavor. Kairav asks what does suicide mean. Vansh says I don’t have the foggiest idea. Surekha embraces Lav and Kush. Kush says sorry. Lav says I m additionally heartbroken. Surekha requests that Kartik and Naira be peaceful and not utter a word. Akhilesh says truly, don’t utter a word. Naira says its opportunity to state with the goal that they don’t do once more. Surekha chastens her and says you would have become Kush’s killer after Shubham’s. Naira cries. Kartik says its wrong, Kush went to end it all by his own choice. Surekha says you terrified him to such an extent. Naira says he ought to be terrified, you are a lady first, when Mansi confronted this, we as a whole remained by Mansi and got against Puru Mama, its demon that Lav and Kush get rebuffed. Surekha says no, they lament for their error, they guaranteed me, I realize wrong occurred with Trisha, I m prepared to deal with her, excuse them, don’t rebuff that whole family loses satisfaction, drop their bicycles, pocket cash and school, pardon them.

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Naira says you are empowering them, we show young ladies how to talk and how to dress, we instruct everything to young ladies, we don’t educate the folks not to misconstrue young ladies, we don’t educate the folks to regard the folks, their inner self isn’t greater than somebody’s life, they will get rebuffed on the off chance that they do something like this, with the goal that no other person attacks a young lady, folks need to change their reasoning, just young ladies can do this, we are their moms, sisters and their prey moreover. Police comes. They get stunned.

Samarth says Naira called the police, she didn’t do right. Kartik sees Naira. Naira signs no. Monitor says sorry, I got back home without advising, specialist said Trisha got cognizant, so I came to take articulation, did she tell anything, Naira madam, all well, is there any issue. Manish says no, family was talking about close to home mater. Auditor says sorry, all of you proceed, I will meet Trisha, she would have told Naira, she is generally close. Surekha says no, Naira asked however Trisha couldn’t utter a word. Reviewer says I m asking you and another person is answering, why. Naira remains quiet. Samarth says we had a family conversation.

Examiner says I will meet Trisha. Dadi says we will check on the off chance that she is dozing. Surekha says we will take a brief trip and see. She asks Naira not to advise anything to controller, if this issue goes out, it will inconvenience everybody, think well and choose. Naira thinks what to do. Kartik figures I can comprehend your circumstance. Medical attendant yells, Naira Ma’am, Trisha is calling you, she needs to tell something. Overseer says it implies, she is conscious, I will meet her. They all go upstairs. Kairav and Vansh look on. Lav and Kush stress. Monitor asks Trisha would she be able to come clean, what occurred, who did that, say everything. Trisha sees Naira. Lav says we will flee. Kush says anything can occur with us. Reviewer asks would you like to tell Naira. Medical caretaker requests that Naira come. Naira says we can’t pressurize Trisha, her wellbeing can get terrible. Monitor asks Trisha to state. Trisha hacks. Medical attendant says she is in a lot of pressure. Trisha begins saying. She hacks. Medical caretaker says she can’t talk. Everybody requests that Inspector come later. Auditor asks Trisha to take rest.

Precap: Naira says we didn’t rebuff Lav and Kush. Kartik says my siblings won’t go to prison. Kartik asks where is Naira. He sees the police coming.


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