Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 29th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Aman Saves Roshni


Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 29th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Kabir has returned as Zehraal, he can control anybody for 24 hours, I think he has controlled the hirelings additionally, he has returned to deliver retribution on Aman. Roshni sees the PCO and goes to call. Tabeezi says Kabir was separated from everyone else, presently he has a military. Dadi asks the assurance shield. Tabeezi says indeed, I will get it, all of you remain here. They clasp hands and serenade. Roshni calls Tabeezi. The zombies come to Roshni. Tabeezi says Zehraals assaulted Roshni, she called however the call got disengaged. Dadi and everybody ask Aman not to go. Aman closes the entryway. He returns and assaults on the zombies by his enchantment. He likewise gets an enchantment and drives quick. He races to the PCO from where Roshni called. Roshni gets frightened and cries. Aman comes there and looks on. He does the enchantment and lifts the PCO.

Roshni sees Aman and grins. The entryway opens. She tumbles down and hangs. Aman holds the PCO up. Aman gets Roshni to him, by hitting the zombies away. He gets her. The PCO tumbles down. He takes her to the vehicle. The zombies assault on the family by going to the windows. Tabeezi spreads the salt and makes them away. Dadi says we need to make a section for Roshni. Tabeezi asks Sara and Saima to make the salt spread on all the windows. Aman gets Roshni home. Roshni reviews Aman’s words. Hamari adhuri kahani… .plays… . Dadi opens the entryway and requests that he take Roshni inside quick. The zombies find a workable pace. Tabeezi tosses the salt powder on them. Roshni and Aman cry seeing one another. Kahani hamari… .plays… . Dadi embraces Roshni. Roshni embraces everybody.

The zombies find a good pace. Roshni sees Salma and gestures. Locha Pari kisses Roshni. Roshni feels it and doesn’t see her. She sees Aman standing ceaselessly. The zombies get inside and encompass them. Aman and everybody get stunned. The zombies out of nowhere vanish. Dadi says if Kabir needs to render retribution on Aman, for what reason didn’t he come here. Roshni says he is at the medical clinic, he tailed me. Aman asks what were you doing there. Roshni says I went for the wellbeing of mum. Aman gets a call from Kabir.

He gets stunned. He says you recall me, however overlooked mum, she is feeble, alone, don’t have the foggiest idea what will occur with her now. Dadi asks whose call was it. Aman says Kabir is with mum. Tabeezi says you will get caught by him. Aman says I need to spare Parveen. Roshni says I will come, Kabir made everybody a Zehraal. Aman says she is there as a result of you. She says she will get back home as a result of me. Aman inquires as to whether there is any risk here. Tabeezi says don’t stress, I will oversee everything. Aman and Roshni go to the medical clinic and see it empty. Roshni says Kabir has whole armed force of Zehraal. Aman says I need to spare my mum some way. They see an old couple stowing away. Aman says nothing will transpire, turn out. He sends them. Tabeezi says we will seal the windows by this net when Aman and Roshni accompany Parveen. Roshni says Parveen is in that room.

Aman says how would you know. Roshni says Kabeer kept all Zehraal here, we need to divert them and go to Parveen. He says you will go to Parveen, I will divert them. He does the enchantment to occupy them. Kabir says I have guaranteed you that I will destroy Aman, your great child will kick the bucket before your eyes, something is missing, you should execute him, you gave him an actual existence and you should give him a passing as Zehraal. He goes to chomp her hand. Roshni yells Kabir… . He stops. Zehraals get after Aman. Roshni admonishes Kabir. Kabir says I was simply kissing my mum’s hand, what befell you. She asks how might you hurt your mum and sibling. He says you won’t get this, for what reason are you talking between us, Aman and Parveen don’t respect you dear. She says I respect them dear, no more. Aman covers up and gets Zehraals in other room. Roshni hits Kabir by her forces. Aman locks the entryway and runs. Roshni takes Parveen’s wheelchair and runs.

Precap:Aman covers up Parveen and takes her. Kabir comes in front. He sees Roshni on the wheelchair. Zehraals encompass them.


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