Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 28th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Kabir Turns Into Zehraal


Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 28th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with everybody stressing for Aman. Chotu says I will compose a message for Aman. Locha shows up and says don’t stress, just you can see me. She flies around. He says ensure the message is perused by uncle. She asks who. He says you will know when you see Baazigar. The family hurries to see Parveen. Aman returns home and says where is everybody. Locha says so this is Baazigar, where is uncle. She drops a few papers. Aman asks Baazigar not to inconvenience him. He gets the note and races to emergency clinic. Dadi says kidney coordinate is found. Specialist says activity was fruitful, Parveen is fine, she will be under perception. Dadi asks Aman to proceed to meet Parveen.

Aman meets Parveen and says I won’t let you go anyplace. He doesn’t see the giver Roshni. Tere naam… plays… . Aman goes to get some information about the benefactor. She says contributor is taken to recuperation room. He doesn’t see the contributor. He goes to the room. Tabeezi faculties something and goes to see. She sees everything failed. The feline takes the heart and vanishes. Tabeezi sees the heart proceeded to state it implies the feline had come to take Kabeer’s heart, however why. Aman sees the benefactor and says pardon me… Roshni stresses. Specialist comes and says giver doesn’t need her name to get known. Aman says I will be constantly obligated to you, my confidence has resuscitated, somebody broke my trust, you have gone along with it once more, I accept that there are holy messengers right now, you need me, recollect that Aman Junaid Khan’s entryways are constantly open for you. She cries and reviews Aman removing her. Aman crashes into Kabir. He says sorry and goes. Kabir expels the veil and grins. He says sibling doesn’t distinguish a sibling, it harms here. Roshni finds a good pace. Specialist says you should take rest, the medical procedure simply occurred. Roshni’s injuries mend sooner since she is Ayana. She doesn’t see the specialist. She says where did the specialist go. Tabeezi checks the book. She sees the feline impressions and takes the impacts on the paper to move in the book. She sees Kabir’s sketch. She says Kabir has returned, he has managed a dark force, however who. She sees the feline and Kabir. She stresses.

Roshni goes to see the specialist. She gets stunned seeing Kabir. She says Kabir, you here. Kabir transforms into a vampire and chomps the specialist. Roshni attempts to utilize her clasps. She gets injured and gets back. Tabeezi says Kabir has become Zehraal, he has given his heart, presently he has gotten more risky than previously. Aman and family return home. They get stunned seeing the guard fallen aside. The gatekeeper awakens and gets vampire tooth. Everybody asks Aman to stop. Aman signs them to move back. Roshni gets stunned seeing the whole emergency clinic staff and patients changed over to vampires. Roshni jumps on the wheelchair and attempts to go. Aman sees all the neighbors and house staff transformed into zombies/vampires. He calls Baazigar and does the enchantment.

He makes a shield around them. Tabeezi and Salma are in transit. Salma asks what does Kabir need now. Tabeezi says Kabir has returned for retribution on Aman, I can’t disregard you. Salma says I will definitely come to alarm Roshni’s Sasural. Roshni blows up. The scissors fly. She assaults the individuals. They evacuate the scissors and toss. Tabeezi and Salma return home. They get stunned seeing the zombies. Aman asks Tabeezi to come in quick. The zombies gaze at Tabeezi and Salma. Tabeezi and Salma run inside. Aman requests that everybody run inside the house. He closes the entryway. Roshni tumbles down the wheelchair. She starts to come up short on the clinic. She closes the entryway. The zombies thump. Kabeer looks on and drones Sinsa. The glass entryway breaks into pieces. The zombies go out to Roshni once more. Roshni stresses.

Precap:Tabeezi says Kabir has returned as Zehraal, he can control anybody for 24 hours, he has a multitude of Zehraal now, they have assaulted Roshni. Aman gets stunned. Roshni is hanging some place. She attempts to spare herself.


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