Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 25th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Aman And Roshni’s Tender Moment


Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 25th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Aman searching for Roshni. He runs and sees Roshni appreciating a shower in a bath loaded up with flower petals. He grins. He sees her sinking and stresses. He does his enchantment. She opens eyes and sees him. She asks what are you doing here. He says I have come to see you here, were you resting here. She says I was quite drained, would you be able to hand me over that towel, and turn that side. He asks where. She says that side. He turns and asks are you fine, let me know, else I will turn. She says folks simply need a reason, simply continue looking that side. Chotu hops over the stones. Imran and Farah look on. A stone tumbles down. They yell Chotu.

Roshni asks do you recollect our first gathering. Aman reviews. He says I wish this young lady isn’t Ayana. She says if any young lady was Ayana, she would have fled, I remained with you and did a great deal for you. He gestures. He says you spared my life and disturbed me a great deal, you didn’t allow me to spare your life. She says you are increasingly difficult, self-important, you don’t confide in me. He says I confide in you. She says don’t state this at any rate on my life’s dismal point. He says since we got hitched, your life got gutsy. She says it was better and basic with my mum, in the event that you weren’t there with me, I would have opened a charming little bread shop. He impacted the pastry kitchen.

He says whatever I did, I m sorry. She says I realize you are heartbroken. She turns and slips. Kahani hamari… .plays… . Chotu hangs on the stone. Th rock takes him to the opposite side. He grins seeing the cavern. Imran requests that he open the entryway. Farah says no, there can be a risk. He asks what would we be able to do. Locha says for what reason aren’t they coming here. Chotu says it is highly unlikely. Locha does some enchantment and clears a path for Imran and Farah. Imran and Farah grin.

Imran says Chotu, don’t stress, I m coming. They likewise cross the scaffold. Chotu inquires as to for what reason didn’t you do this for me when I was trapped. Locha says Locha occurred. Chotu holds his head. Roshni asks Aman to put on something else. She asks what’s this imprint, just Ayana can slaughter you. He says it happened in light of Jinnat sword. She says you made meextremely upset, and afterward gave life for me, you didn’t let me love you, at any rate let me despise you, how often did you experience this day, what amount do I have. He says 30mins. She says guarantee me, on the off chance that you can’t spare me, you won’t be annoyed with yourself. He says I can’t make a bogus guarantee. She says I need to invest the last energy with my family, with you and mum, I need to see the family, winged creatures and mountains moreover. He says house isn’t protected. She says please take me home. They embrace.

Precap:Junaid is seen. He crashes a plane by gazing at it. A couple is seen kicking the bucket in the accident.


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