Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 25th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Kabir Returns For Revenge


Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 25th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Aman meandering around with the paper stapled to his tie. The staff grins and attempts to state. Imran sees a few britishers. He likewise follows up on the call. Aman asks what’s happening with you, its 2 am in LA. Imran says don’t have a clue why Mark is wakeful around evening time, that paper is stuck on the tie. Aman sees everybody taking a gander at him. He expels the paper. Roshni says I will call the circuit tester once the I give this document to Aman, crystal fixture will get fine. She hears a feline sound and goes to see. She doesn’t see the feline and says there was a feline here. The woman says no. The feline transforms into smoke and goes to the ceiling fixture.

Aman gets occupied on a call. Roshni sees the crystal fixture moving and getting down. She yells Mr. Khan and races to Aman. She pushes him and spares his life. The ceiling fixture falls. He takes a gander at her. They find a good pace. He sees the light fixture broken to pieces. He sees his staff. He reprimands them. He says not unreasonably the crystal fixture, yet the lodging notoriety likewise tumbled down, whose duty was it. Roshni says mine. He chides her. Chotu goes over the stairs. He needs to locate the mystery section to discover the light. Aman asks Roshni to pick the glass pieces by her hands and clean the spot, up to that point she won’t leave. Roshni cleans the glass pieces. Chotu sees some light and runs. He tumbles down. He sees the sparkling light.

Roshni gets injured by the glass piece. She cries and reviews Aman. Kahani hamari… .plays… She gets a call from the medical clinic. Specialist says there is 80% possibilities that you can turn into the contributor for Parveen, you need to complete more tests, go to the emergency clinic. Roshni grins. Aman gets specialist’s call and expresses profound gratitude a ton. Specialist says we will be thinking about the giver. Aman stops Roshni and asks did you finish the work. She says no, I have to go for mum. He reprimands her. She gets a call from the medical clinic. Aman calls Khanna and says proceed to check how is Roshni’s mum. She says I need to go for Roshni. The pixie says this misconception will get when I turn out, Chotu kindly do it. Chotu holds the light back. Aman steps on the glass piece. He sees another person accomplishing the work. He asks where is Roshni. The woman says she accomplished the work and afterward left. He asks what are you doing here.

Khanna calls him and says Salma is fine. Aman asks is Roshni with her. Khanna says no. Roshni comes and reviews nurture saying they will tell about the test reports in 3-4 days to know whether she is flawless match. Aman takes a gander at her. She reviews Aman yelling on her and rebuffing her. He requests that her convey the cooking at the farmhouse. She cries and drives to the farmhouse. She conveys the nourishment. The men gaze at her and bother. The person says its my marriage, you can remain back in my single guy party. The feline is around Parveen. Aman comes. The feline vanishes. Aman says I addressed the specialist, you will get the benefactor soon, we won’t lose fearlessness and make you fine. He goes. Parveen cries. The feline shows up again and goes to Kabir’s symbol.

He reviews Parveen taking his heart. He says you weeped for Aman, it harms me, when you open eyes, you will get updates on Aman’s passing, he is Jinnat King, however he needs beyond words, this toxin won’t let him see the dawn tomorrow, sibling’s affection causes one to do a ton. He vanishes. Roshni requests that the men remain away. They get her. She yells. Aman is in transit. Khanna refreshes Aman. He says single man party is going on at the homestead house, marriage is tomorrow. Aman asks what, did Roshni return. Khanna says not yet. Aman stresses. He comes there by the supernatural entryway. He sees Roshni tumbled down and hurries to her. He embraces her. The person requests that he leave. Aman beats the men. Aman takes Roshni with him. Kabir shows up there.

Precap:Kabir assaults Aman. Tabeezi says Roshni, just you can spare Aman, you need to return home. Roshni returns home and reviews Aman’s words.


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