Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 20th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Aman And Roshni’s Heated Argument


Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 20th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Aman seeing Roshni and crying. He wears his shades. Dadi considers him and says Parveen’s state is awful, the two kidneys are harmed, specialist said we need to discover giver soon else… Aman goes to Roshni. He insults her and sees the cinders. She says there is no flash in these remains, I realize this fire didn’t light on possess. They contend. She asks him how could he come here. He says I came to perceive what it looks like when pride breaks. She says you made meextremely upset, you can’t break my pride. He asks truly. He checks her advances sums. He says you can’t purchase a handkerchief to wipe tears. She says I have protection. He says I m the proprietor of that insurance agency, you won’t get cash and not in any case compassion.

She says I will carry out a responsibility. She says I won’t let you do that, you have one choice, sign the agreement, you can work for me, its not good cause, however my kindness. She tears the agreement. She says this was my youth dream, my family. Aman says stop it, I have consumed this bread shop, you can do anything. She requests that he stop and see what she can do. She utilizes her capacity and harms his vehicle. Aman says love was done half, at any rate have scorn totally, its done like this. He calls Baazigar and consumes his vehicle. She cries. He says see you tomorrow. She says I won’t come to accomplish work at your office. He says you will come to work even you have kicked the bucket. He proceeds to ask Khanna to get another vehicle for him. He tosses his telephone and goes.

Roshni returns home and says sorry, I got late. Salma blacks out. Roshni cries and sprinkles water all over. She calls a specialist. Specialist checks her and gives solution. He says you will get the drugs at a major emergency clinic, its costly meds, it will at any rate cost 20000rs, pick up the pace, we don’t have time, hustle just a bit on the off chance that you need to spare her life. She expresses gratitude toward him. Roshni goes to Aman’s office. She says I have to converse with you. He sends his staff out. She says I acknowledge your offer. He says I didn’t hear it. She rehashes. He grins and says I do everything by my heart, love and furthermore disdain, your pride will break, you will get offended, you will be my own partner, you will work for me. She says I have a condition. He says I will like you hear it, regardless of whether you don’t have any status. She says I need 20000rs development. He says done.

He says yet I have a condition, you need to get a similar agreement, which you had tossed all over, you will sign on it, run quick. She runs. She goes to get the papers. The feathered creatures come to help and get the agreement paper pieces. Roshni grins. She joins the papers. Her hand is harmed. She sees Salma resting. She goes to Aman. He requests that her sign. She signs. He says you will tune in to my every request, and this time obey it as well, presently I possess you. Saima and Sara come to pick Chotu from school. He says I have stomach hurt. They state you are rationalizing since three days, proceed to consider well. He goes inside the class. A kid alarms him.

Roshni sees Aman taking to a female customer on the video call. Imran asks whom are you talking you. Aman says Mallika. Imran asks princess Mallika, who parties with SKR. Aman says she was my cohort, you need to meet her. Imran says pause, I need to check plan, I m occupied with Surbhi Jyoti today, well known television entertainer. Aman asks Khanna to plan to greet Mallika. Khanna says three individuals left employments last opportunity when she came. Aman says its intense to deal with her, she needs me to become accomplice in her business. Imran says I can skirt my lunch with Surbhi, at that point Kareena, I need to meet Aliya too. Aman says don’t stress, its alright, I realize whom to send for this work. Roshni looks on.

Precap: Aman holds Mallika. Roshni gets envious. Mallika chides her. Aman likewise affronts Roshni.


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