Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 19th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Roshni Dies By Poison Effect


Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 19th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Roshni swooning down. Everybody asks Aman to call the specialist quick, what has occurred. Aman checks her heartbeat. He says I m not discovering her heartbeat. They all get stunned. Kahani hamari… .plays… . Aman yells Roshni and cries. Everybody cries. Aman adores Roshni indeed and the buds on the tree bloom once more. Locha asks Chotu to accompany her, its a demon matter. Chotu goes with her. Aman reviews Laila’s revile. Dadi goes to Aman. Parveen asks Tabeezi to accomplish something. She says this was your home, I heard there is a mystery entryway here. Tabeezi says truly, I heard that there is a supernatural cavern and you can get answer for any issue, I will go there for the wellbeing of Roshni. Farah says you can’t go, I will go there for Roshni, I m your little girl, Roshni is my closest companion. Tabeezi requests that her be cautious and locate the brilliant stair.

Aman reviews Roshni drinking something before the move. He goes to check the glass. He sees a scorpion inside. Everybody is stunned. Tabeezi says its Shahi scorpion, the world’s most toxic scorpion, there is no remedy for it. Aman reviews Roshni falling in a tough situation. Aman blows up and tosses the table. Chotu sees the tree. He tosses the light and requests that her go. Locha says this is Nargisi tree, the buds show that Aman cherishes Roshni and nothing will happen to her. Dadi asks Aman to control his distress and outrage, think about some answer for get Roshni once more from death, for what reason isn’t he saying anything. He says indeed, I didn’t advise something to all of you.

Farah goes to locate the brilliant staircase. Chotu says we ought to go now. Locha requests that he recover the light. The land changes into watery mud. Chotu goes to take the light. He yells for help. Farah hurries to him. She yells for help. Imran comes and sees them. Imran hurries to them. He asks them not to stress, he will get them out soon. He likewise gets inside the water. He jokes. They yell to Aman. They get pulled inside the water.

Dadi says it implies this occurred by Laila’s revile. Tabeezi requests that what’s the way spare Roshni. Aman says by beginning this day once more, Chandni gave me nine moons. Parveen says it implies you have nine opportunities to spare her. Aman says Roshni, I was unable to spare you this time, yet I have eight additional odds, I won’t let you go. Imran, Farah and Chotu fall inside some chamber. Locha asks are you OK. Chotu says yes. They see some entryway and stairs. Farah asks Imran to go first. She says I don’t have a clue about the best approach out. Imran asks what will we do. Aman goes out and calls Baazigar. He approaches him to pick up the pace for the good of he. Baazigar takes off. Imran and Farah get drained strolling down the stairs. Imran asks when will the cavern come. Chotu requests that he stroll ahead.

Imran says I m done now, I m returning to the family. They turn and don’t perceive any staircase. Aman calls Baazigar by and by. He says I needn’t bother with you to spare Roshni. The family looks on. Aman gets out his sword. He gets the sword in his grasp.

Precap: Laila says this time, destiny has composed Roshni’s passing. Aman imagines Roshni passing on. He gets stressed and awakens from rest.


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