Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Aman Ends Relation With Roshni


Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 14th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Aman asking Roshni to quit utilizing Chotu. She says no, Chotu has seen the snake, possibly the snake has entranced him as it did to her. Aman says I need to know reality, no accounts. Roshni says I generally came clean, it would be ideal if you confide in me. He says fine, Aliya is Haiwana, she assaulted you, for what reason is my mum in the medical clinic. Dadi and Phupi request that he tune in to Roshni. Aman says its our error, Ayana will ensure our family, my mum required her, and she left her, I m Jinnat King, the most remarkable jinn, my forces can’t spare my mum, why, since I trusted Roshni.

Dadi says Roshni is Ayana, she can’t not be right, what’s the explanation Roshni, let us know. Roshni says Salma was in a tough situation, she called. Aman says you left my mum. Roshni says sorry, Parveen advised that I can go to my mum. He says she told and you have left her, we have seen her state, she required your security, you didn’t call you and left, you generally commit errors. He gets a call from specialist. Specialist says Parveen slipped in extreme lethargies, we don’t figure she will at any point leave trance like state. Aman drops the telephone. Dadi and everybody ask what occurred, is Parveen fine. He cries and goes to Roshni. He says I let you know not to leave my mum and go, for what reason did you do. Roshni says Salma needed cash, I attempted to orchestrate it. He says goodness cash, its consistently cash in your story, cash comes quick for you, I brought you here and changed your destiny, however I was unable to change your class.

Roshni asks what are you saying, specialist called, what did he say. He says he has informed me concerning my mum, its not your issue to worry about, Parveen was correct, that childhood will show influence. Roshni says Salma’s life was in harm’s way. He gets some information about my mum, you could have educated me, she was feeble, she disdained you and you disregarded her. She says we have experienced this previously, dislike it shows up, trust our heart association. He says mum’s association is with the main heartbeat, specialist said Parveen is in trance like state and will never recoup, you don’t have the right to be here, don’t call me Khan baba again.

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Roshni cries and says you love Parveen. You are responding this way, however we will… He says we are you and me now, you go out immediately. She says everything will get fine. He says my mum is in trance like state, a few mix-ups have no pardoning or discipline, our connection is broken, go and never return. Saiyyan… plays…

Aman removes Roshni from the house. Their minutes are reviewed. Salma comes and holds Roshni. Aman asks Roshni to never return. Paas aaye… .plays… . He closes the entryway. Roshni separates. They review their minutes. Salma appeases Roshni. She says I will proceed to converse with Aman. Roshni says no, you won’t go, I can’t endure your affront, he wouldn’t like to see my face, I will satisfy his desire. Salma says don’t state this. Roshni says relations occur between equivalent individuals, he made some help on me, he offended me before likewise, every young lady should choose sense of pride than adoration, one who can’t regard you can’t cherish you, I will never go to him, everything is finished.

Precap: Aman drives out of resentment. He comes some place. He incompletely transforms into a fallen angel.


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