Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Parveen Misleads Roshni


Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 13th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Aman brightening the room. Roshni prepares with Sara’s assistance. Aman calls her and does shayari. Roshni talks in a roundabout way. She says you have to keep tolerance. He asks the amount more persistence. She jokes. She goes to Aman. Parveen sees her and thinks anything you desire will never occur. She sprinkles the gold powder and figures you will accept the untruth, nobody will trust you now. Roshni sees Parveen and Salma battling. Parveen faults Salma for the burglary. Roshni goes to sort the battle. Parveen affronts Salma and requests that her get out. Roshni stops her and says my mum can never not be right. Aman and everybody come. Roshni says Parveen is accusing Salma for burglary. She cries.

She says your mum feels Salma and I are here for cash. Parveen sprinkles power on Salma. She says Roshni what are you saying, I was simply conversing with Salma. Salma says indeed, for what reason would Parveen affront me. Roshni says what are you saying, perhaps somebody frightened you, I m with you, on the off chance that you go from this house, at that point I will go with you. Aman inquires as to for what reason are you saying this. Roshni says in light of the fact that Parveen offended Salma. Salma says no, Parveen treats me like a sister. Roshni blacks out. Aman lifts her and takes her to room. Aman says Roshni got cognizant. Dadi says don’t have the foggiest idea why she carried on along these lines, I addressed Tabeezi, she said Roshni possibly affected by Kabir. He says I need to make her fine. Salma comes to Roshni. Roshni inquires as to for what reason did you lie. Salma requests that her take rest. Roshni says I m not wiped out, for what reason are you carrying on like this. She goes.

Aman comes to ask Roshni what occurred. Roshni says I m not wiped out, I have seen everything, I don’t have the foggiest idea why they are lying, I m not frantic. He says I know, however I addressed them, they said this didn’t occur. She says you mean I m a liar. He says no. She says you mean I m a liar or frantic. He says no, Kabir controlled your psyche so … . She says you ought to have confided in me. She goes. He stops her. He says I confide in you. She asks did I go frantic to envision things. He says we will sift through this. She says I m not distraught. He says don’t stress, I m with you. She says God help us, its our suhaagraat this evening. He says you overlook things and recall suhaagraat. She says for what reason will I overlook it. He says I didn’t have the foggiest idea about my significant other will talk such things. She says I didn’t have any acquaintance with you will simply talk. He says you are experiencing fever, take rest, goodbye. She rests.

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Tabeezi, Farah and Roshni meet. Farah asks are you saying you envisioned the battle. Roshni says precisely, something was going on and I saw something different. Aman searches for Roshni. Dadi says she went to meet Farah, Aman for what reason don’t we keep this marriage with every one of the ceremonies. Salma says truly, Aman simply let me see her marriage. Aman says the connection got your favors, for what reason to do this for the world. Parveen asks how is Roshni. He says she is fine, she went to meet Farah, possibly Tabeezi advises her. Parveen ponders Sifriti enchantment. Tabeezi says its not referenced in the book, you are seeing the things that didn’t occur, perhaps Kabeer is doing this, I will discover, wear this ring, it will sparkle when there is an enchantment occurring around, watch out for it. Roshni returns home. She sees Aman and Dadi talking.

Aman says I addressed specialist, I will take Roshni there, her state is terrible, she isn’t tuning in to me. She asks what are you saying. Aman says we didn’t mean it that way. She asks do you think I m getting distraught. She reviews his words. Parveen does the enchantment. Roshni thinks I m additionally play a similar game. Parveen avoids Roshni. Roshni begins acting and says Aman you went on your mum, you don’t have a clue what you are making me feel, I m not distraught. She sees the ring shining. She thinks Aman and I aren’t doing any enchantment, at that point who is doing this. She gets back and evacuates the ring. She sees Aman and Dadi vanishing. Roshni says it implies it was a deception, somebody is attempting to make me insane. The ring goes. Roshni says trust me, your mum needs to isolate us. Parveen grins. The ring flies to Parveen. Roshni comes there and sees her. She cries.

Precap: Parveen challenges Roshni. Roshni says you will lose in the event that you battle love, you can attempt your best, you can’t overcome love.


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