Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Rudra And Prisha’s Moment


Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Prisha asking where is the washroom. He says I advised her, its there. She goes. He says I saw how to cause you to concur, perceive how I torment you now. He prepares. She prepares and comes. He searches for her. She asks is this planner shirt, its bare-backed, there is only a catch to hold it, its off-base size. He asks how, I can simply observe the young lady and measure the size, I have dated numerous young ladies. She says its wrong. He says I will check your size and state. He embraces her. She says escape, are you distraught. He inquires as to why. He thinks I need to see this dread all over. Balraj says we can’t take drinks. The man says your child overlooked you after marriage. Ahana says we won’t tune in to Vasu, we will drink here. Balraj says leave it, it will be a dramatization before the media. She shows the man spiking the desserts. He says that is mischievous, I love this. She says it will be genuine punjabi style wedding now. They all take the thandais.

Rudra and Prisha fall on the bed and have an eyelock. She cautions him. He asks what will you do, will you execute me as you murdered my sibling. Everybody becomes inebriated and moves. Vasu comes and stops them. The woman says the Paisam is too scrumptious. Vasu checks the thandai. She yells and tosses the glasses. She yells what’s this. Rudra and Prisha hear her yelling. Vasu says you have included wine in paisam. Media records it. Vasu says this mehendi rasam won’t occur, who did this with us. Prisha says its mum’s voice. Rudra asks what’s her concern, if youngster care administration individuals see this, we will lose Saransh. Balraj inquires as to for what reason are you responding this way. She says wine is included the paisam. Ahana says really, truly, who did this. Balraj asks who did this.

Ahana says it is anything but a serious deal. Vasu says its a major issue. Gopal comes. He asks what occurred. She says wine is included paisam, they deceived us, they are delivering retribution. He says they cheat everybody. Balraj says let it go. Ahana contends with Vasu and Gopal. Balraj stresses. Rudra and Prisha come. Vasu says wine is included the paisam, they all are smashed, Ahana would have done this. Ahana asks what’s the confirmation. Rudra sees the journalists tapping the pics. Prisha says quiet down. Ahana says white collar class individuals made a major issue on a little trick. Rudra says media is recording everything. Balraj says he is correct. Mishka says Rudra never underpins us. Mishka and Ahana go. Rudra says it was a little trick, possibly my inlaws didn’t care for it, its wrong, Prisha and I are heartbroken, server, get lemon water for everybody. The visitors drink the lemonade.

Rudra says all is well presently, overlook it now at any rate for Bunty and Bubbles. He moves on the dhol. He takes everybody for move. Balraj embraces Gopal and thinks I m defenseless now, I will show you out when opportunity arrives. Rudra holds Prisha closer. They move. Maa comes to converse with Balraj. Ahana says Vasu is attempting to make us white collar class, you have seen her yelling on us. Maa says its your error. Balraj admonishes her. Ahana asks are you from our family, at that point for what reason are you agreeing with their position, you are offending father. He says she is additionally a working class lady, extremist, she can never arrive at our level, washout, let her go. Maa feels pitiful. He requests that her go. Maa goes. Mishka says that was discourteous. Ahana says shut up. Mishka says alright and wears her glasses.

Prisha sees Maa crying and eating nourishment. She asks what befell you. She embraces Maa. Maa says I m stressed and eat nourishment. Prisha figures she doesn’t sympathize with her distress with anybody and eats nourishment thusly. She requests that her cry and help her heart. Yuvraj comes there in mask of a sardar. He pays the cab driver and sends him. He says once I get Saransh’s trust reserves, I will claim taxis and acquire more, I will watch out for Prisha, is she sparing Saransh, or got visually impaired seeing Rudraksh. He gets a call. He meets the man and says I m Pannu Singh, you are wedding organizer, right. The man says you need to turn into a server. Yuvraj says I have great face and character, you are making me a server. The man says I m giving work on Sharma’s maxim. Yuvraj concurs. He says I need to do this for Saransh’s trust finance. Prisha sees Saransh playing with certain cuffs. She says it is anything but a toy, don’t play with this. Saransh says Rudraksh talented this to Bunty. Prisha thinks Rudraksh has no disgrace, its not for kids. He says no, I need to play with this. He runs. She runs afetr him. She falls in Rudraksh’s arms.

Precap: Mishka says perceive how I affront Prisha. She cuts Prisha’s shirt. Rudraksh embraces Prisha and takes her. Yuvraj says in the event that Prisha draws near to him, at that point I will be demolished. Rudraksh fixes the pullover.


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