Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Prisha Makes A Last Wish


Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Saransh saying it will be fun if the dress gets ruined, in what capacity will marriage occur. Mishka comes and asks what are you doing here. Saransh says sorry, I thought its my room, I overlooked. She says your room isn’t here, you don’t look so blameless, come clean with me, for what reason did you come here. She checks the dress. She sees an inflatable. The inflatable blasts. The inkwater falls over his face and dress. She yells on him. She asks Ahana to seem as though this, take a gander at the lahenga. Ahana tosses it. Maa asks how did this occur. Mishka says Saransh did this, take a gander at this, I won’t be that terrible looking lady. Ahana asks how could you do this. Saransh says she did it without anyone else’s help. Mishka says toss him out. Saransh says call Rudraksh. Balraj looks on.

Rudraksh comes and asks what occurred. Mishka says this occurred. Rudraksh giggles. Saransh likewise snickers. Mishka asks are you thinking that its clever. Rudraksh says truly, take a gander at the mirror. Ahana says its not entertaining. Mishka says my creator lahenga was expensive. Saransh asks her not to be furious, he will give her 50 rs. Mishka asks do you have 5 lakhs. Ahana says you ought to rebuff Saransh. Saransh says you are exceptionally inconsiderate. Ahana says fine, I will rebuff you. Rudraksh stops her and says don’t contact Saransh, we older folks likewise commit errors, I will show signs of improvement lahenga for Mishka, converse with me in the event that anybody has an issue with Saransh. He takes Saransh.

Ahana says its unusual that he got Saransh here and securing him, I will discover, pause and watch. Corrections officer says its your last day today, you can eat anything today, what do you need. Prisha says I need to meet my child, ask Rudraksh to get him. Corrections officer says fine. Prisha thinks I trust Rudraksh gets Saransh. Worker gets tea for Yuvraj. Yuvraj sees Rudraksh and Mishka’s marriage news. He says he demolished my name and vocation, he is wedding Mishka. He consumes the paper out of frustration. Saransh says my arrangement floundered, Rudraksh is getting new lahenga for aunt, how to stop this marriage. Maa gets garments for him. He says you are Rudra’s mumma. She says truly, wear this and prepare. She requests that he wear the sherwani. He says I won’t come. She requests that he come whenever and wear it. He says I miss you mumma, where are you.

Prisha yells Saransh and awakens. She says I need to meet him. She cries. Sapna embraces her. Prisha is taken for her discipline. She requests her last wish. Prison guard says I called Rudraksh, he didn’t reply. Prisha says please make me meet my child. Rudraksh prepares. Bunty asks are you certain that you will do this marriage. Rudraksh says I m wedding for the wellbeing of Saransh. Prison guard calls him and says Prisha is getting hanged, her last wish is to converse with Saransh. He says no, my child won’t converse with any killer, hang her soon. Prisha says if you don’t mind cause me to hear Saransh’s voice once, else I can’t bite the dust in harmony. He says I need this, you didn’t let Rajeev meet Saransh, you did his mishap, you reserve no privilege to converse with Saransh.

Prisha cries. Tu jo gayi… .plays… . She is taken for the discipline. Rudraksh comes ground floor. Maa asks Ahana to get Mishka. Ahana gets Mishka. Mishka says express gratitude toward God, Saransh ruined my lahenga, I m fortunate to have this pretty and costly lahenga. Ahana says you are fortunate to have Rudraksh, proceed to sit in mandap. Mishka approaches are you hanging tight for father. Ahana says I figured he will come in your wedding, its fine, I will do your kanyadaan. Mishka sits in the mandap. Prisha considers Saransh. She cries. Her face is secured with dark material.

Precap: Gopal and Vasu stop the discipline. Prisha gets spared. Judge asks whom are you sparing, let me know. Yuvraj says its me. Saransh says I need to accomplish something. Prisha and Yuvraj come. Prisha asks where is Saransh, I have come to take my child back. Rudraksh stops the rounds.


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