Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Rudraksh Brings Saransh Home


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The Episode begins with Saransh asking Rudraksh what should he call him, Papa or uncle. Rudraksh says no, call me Rudraksh or Rudra. Saransh says mum will reprove you, she doesn’t need me to call older folks by name, I m getting exhausted, will I play tunes. Rudraksh plays fm. Saransh changes the channel. They contend and switch channels. Saransh says this is my fav tune. Rudraksh sees him and reviews Rajeev. Saransh tells something very similar and acts like Rajeev. Rudraksh says I see Prisha in him and some of the time he looks like Rajeev. Yuvraj says Saransh, what will I do that I get you back. His right hand gets gather and says judges’ administering body has called you. Yuvraj inquires as to why, what’s wrong, fine, you may go, give me my jacket. He goes to meet the board. He inquires as to why this board meeting. The man says we need to discuss your decision, for what reason did you rebuff Prisha with capital punishment, its given when wrongdoing is large. Yuvraj says truly, a man has passed on, Prisha has acknowledged it. The man asks did she acknowledge that she did the homicide, the judgment must be one-sided since she is your fiancee. Yuvraj says it was a merciless homicide so I have rebuffed her, how am I one-sided.

The man says we have the subtleties of the case, the legal advisors didn’t contend, you gave the decision in 10 mins. The man says Prisha is a specialist by calling, her record is fine, how might you demonstrate that she did the mishap, law is greater than anyone, we can’t endure this, we expel you from judge post, your permit is likewise dropped, you can’t have any lawful practice. Yuvraj says I comprehend, I acknowledge my slip-up, such a major advance, I will give a composed statement of regret, don’t demolish my profession. The man says the choice has been taken, you can go now. Yuvraj gets stunned.

Rudraksh gets Saransh home. Saransh likes the huge house and asks will I see the whole house. Ahana stops him and blows up. She inquires as to for what reason did you get this kid, this earth. Balraj asks who is this child. Rudraksh says I got him. Ahana asks have you lost it, for what reason did you get him here, have you overlooked that Saransh is Prisha’s kid, how could you, you helped me in ousting him from school. Rudraksh says call him Saransh, he didn’t do anything, his mum is a killer. Maa asks how could his family send him with you. Rudraksh says they needed to, Saransh will remain here with us all. Balraj asks what. Ahana asks have you totally lost it, this is our home, no Dharamshala. Rudraksh says I know its our home. Balraj says for what reason did you get him, remove him.

Rudraksh says he will remain here, grieved, I have taken the choice. Balraj yells. Ahana asks what’s going on with you, you used to take represent Rajeev, this kid isn’t Rajeev, he isn’t connected. Rudraksh says he is connected. Mishika says I m sure Rudra has a solid explanation, he needs to let me know, I m his future spouse, for what reason did he get the kid here. Rudraksh says in light of the fact that… . I love his charming face, take a gander at him. Balraj says enough of this drivel, since Rajeev went, you are overwhelming, I was in blame, recall that I m the equivalent Balraj Khurana, leader of the family, I have right to choose, this kid won’t remain here, remove him. Rudraksh asks him is this his last choice, on the off chance that Saransh goes, at that point he will likewise leave. They get stunned.

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Rudraksh says you lost a child and other will likewise go, sorry Maa I can’t hear you out this time. Balraj says stop, you are exploiting our adoration, its off-base, fine, you can keep this kid here on the off chance that you need, yet recollect this kid will get a house, not a family, he will never turn out to be a piece of my family. Rudraksh says your desire. He takes Saransh to his room. Prisha asks how might they do this. Yuvraj asks how might I know, I got the bring and I got expelled from judge post, I can’t specialize in legal matters, my vocation and hardwork got over. She asks did you converse with father, he can help. Yuvraj figures by what method will he help me on the off chance that he can’t spare you. He says he is concerned for you, I need to spare you and get Saransh’s care, what occurred, is he fine. She says I have given Saransh’s full authority to Rudraksh, so Rudraksh is his father legitimately. He asks what, you gave full care to Rudraksh, are you frantic, how might you do this, he abhors you, don’t have a clue how he will keep Saransh.

She says he will do nothing, he wedded me for the wellbeing of Saransh, he thinks Saransh is Rajeev and my child, he doesn’t think about Mahima, I will get rebuffed and won’t be with Saransh, he will take great consideration of him. Yuvraj gets a call and says indeed, fine. He says sorry, I have pixie work, I need to go. She requests that he proceed to meet Saransh once, she is stressed, he will be happy to meet. He leaves. He blows up and asks am I your father’s captive to proceed to meet Saransh, will I do his aarti, let him bite the dust, you bite the dust here, my life is destroyed. He cries. Saransh expresses such a significant number of things together, its fine, did you take mum’s authorization, she doesn’t permit me lousy nourishment.

Rudraksh asks who is she to arrange me. Saransh says your better half, she can arrange you. Rudraksh says I offer request to everybody, eat it. Saransh says you appear as though a vampire when you blow up. Rudraksh says stop it and eat. Saransh says such a major cabinet for me. Rudraksh says this is your room, I prepared this space for you. Saransh says you are so decent and embraces him. Rudraksh reviews Rajeev and gets passionate. He goes to washroom and cries. He says I felt its Rajeev embracing me, he ought to have been here to see this, he would have been cheerful, he isn’t here a direct result of Prisha, I blow up observing Prisha in him, Prisha will get hanged, she will bite the dust, at that point there won’t be any issue.

Precap: Balraj asks Rudraksh to take meds. Saransh deals with Rudraksh. He pulls tricks on Rudraksh. Prisha is taken for the discipline. Rudraksh is getting hitched to Mishika. Saransh gets steamed.


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