Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Rajeev Learns Yuvraj’s Truth


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The Episode begins with Rudraksh saying she won’t sing. Vasu takes a gander at him. He asks what’s this. Ahana says I was giving her status, she was taking my mehendi craftsman. He asks will you affront her. She inquires as to for what reason are you agreeing with her stance. He says I don’t bolster anything incorrectly, she is somebody’s mum, would you endure this on the off chance that somebody did this with Mishka, apologize to her. Ahana says my foot, I won’t. He says fine, I will apologize. He goes to Vasu and says sorry, there is no way of arrangement, if you don’t mind go. Vasu says thanks to him and goes. Rudraksh asks where is Rajeev. Ahana says he went for devil meeting. Rudraksh says sorry. Ahana says proceed to change, come quick. Rudraksh thinks where is Rajeev, come quick. Prisha comes to Saransh. He sees the decoration. He says Yuvraj reprimanded the server severely, I didn’t care for it.

She says it happens now and again. He says he didn’t state sorry. She says fine, if Yuvraj reproves somebody, we will admonish him, get cheerful at this point. She stimulates him. He runs out. Yuvraj brings him into lap. Prisha says mehendi craftsman will be coming. Vasu comes and says mehendi craftsman wouldn’t come, I booked her, however Ahana paid her more, I m originating from Rudraksh’s home, Ahana instructed me to engage the visitors by singing. She cries. Vasu says Ahana requested that I move. Prisha says she has no habits, I felt just Rudraksh is haughty. Vasu says no, Rudraksh came there on ideal time, he halted Ahana. Prisha asks Rudraksh did this, unusual, he accomplished something great. Vasu asks in what capacity will mehendi work occur. Prisha says our capacity will occur, you will apply me mehendi. Gopal says its shagun. Prisha embraces Vasu. Yuvraj says Appa is correct, Amma the capacity is effective on the off chance that we are glad, I will get mehendi cones. Prisha expresses gratitude toward him. He says its my family moreover. He goes. She feels fortunate.

Rudraksh asks Rajeev what occurred. He begins addressing Rajeev. Rajeev says stop it, I would prefer not to talk. Rudraksh asks will I converse with Prisha. Rajeev asks how could she divide this. Rudraksh says you know her family status, she booked the five star lodging with our cash, for what reason did you offer cash to Prisha. Rajeev says I didn’t give her cash. Rudraksh says Ahana lost neckband, Prisha was wearing it, I had gone there with Bunty, I have seen it, improper Prisha was stating Yuvraj has offered it to her, Yuvraj is a modest legal counselor, Prisha is wedding her, she has given me receipt moreover. Rajeev figures for what reason would Prisha do this. Rudraksh shows the receipt. Rajeev says perhaps its their jewelry, you are questioning on her. Rudraksh says its Ahana’s accessory, I have seen the sms on your telephone. Rajeev says it was customer’s message, proceed to rest now. He goes. He thinks to discover Prisha’s reality.

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Gopal and Vasu welcome family members accessible if the need arises. Gopal encourages Prisha by his hands. Yuvraj comes and says what regarding me, won’t anybody feed me. Vasu says I will sustain you by my hands. Yuvraj reminds Gopal about the gathering. Gopal says I overlooked, the gathering would have begun. Yuvraj says I will drop you. Gopal gets a call and says sorry, I will come in some time. The man says its fine, we will last the applicant by your promise, you rejected last time, despite everything we feel he is the best. Gopal says you think he is meriting. The man says yes. Gopal says then I have no protest, Yuvraj is extremely genuine, he is here, converse with him. The man says you give him the uplifting news. Yuvraj grins. Everybody praises Yuvraj. Yuvraj says Prisha is fortunate for me. Yuvraj thinks Saransh will be with me, I will take cash from Rajeev, none can stop me now.

Rajeev goes to the diamond setter’s shop and shows receipt. The man says its counterfeit gem dealer, this doesn’t have any stamp, it implies its phony receipt. Rajeev says perhaps somebody gave it. The man calls the staff to inquire. Rajeev stops a person Bhanu and requests that he state truth. He asks was that any woman Prisha. Bhanu says no, it was a man, he paid me to make bogus receipt, his name is Yuvraj. Rajeev thinks for what reason is Yuvraj extorting me, your game is finished. Rudraksh says I need to meet Kalra and change the date of occasion, nobody thinks about it. Bunty inquires as to for what reason did you come, Balraj may know it. Rudraksh says tail me. Rudraksh meets Kalra and says we can do this show tomorrow. Kalra asks is this conceivable, Balraj said all dates are hindered for two months, we can do it without a doubt.

Rudraksh says you need to pay me twofold, you can sell the tickets for triple cash, you need to meet my father and reveal to him this is your thought. Kalra concurs. Rudraksh says book the arrangement today, get advance check. He goes. Vasu moves. Gopal and Prisha grin. Saransh makes faces. They applaud Vasu and recognition her. Saransh says everybody will get exhausted of it, didn’t you see movies, husband to be and lady of the hour’s move is the feature of sangeet. Prisha says no requirement for that. Bunty says its your commitment tomorrow. Rudraksh says I would prefer not to get ready for marriage, Kalra will pay twofold, father will move or drop the commitment, Mishka will blow up and drop the marriage, Mishka and Ahana have enormous sense of self. Rajeev says how does Yuvraj think about Mahima and me, I will discover.

Precap: Saransh stalls out on the tree. He tumbles down. Rajeev encourages him and takes him to the emergency clinic. He hears specialist telling about Mahima’s passing. He sees Prisha. He learns Saransh is his child. He cries and figures I won’t let him escape from me.


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