Vikram Betaal 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Kapalika Attacks Padmini


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The Episode begins with Kapalika taking a gander at Padmini and saying prepare for last time, as your personality will finish in couple of mins. Padmini is taking a gander at herself in the mirror and faculties somebody nearness. The dark fluid is going to contact Padmini’s foot. Padmini gets up and takes a gander at Kapalika. She asks who are you? Kapalika says your demise. Whereever Kapalika goes, the dark liquid gets sprinkles on the outside of the floor, and numerous Dasis, troopers get influenced and tumbles down on the floor.

Vikram tells the chudails you had said that you can see through it, however I realize that your lives are in this eye. He says I will annihilate it and requests that they help him. He tells about Bhadrakaal. They advise that they don’t have anything to do with him and decline to support him. Vikram says I will devastate it. The chudails concur

to support him. Vikram requests that they take him to Mayavi Darpan which has 32 putlis mystery. They take him some place and implore asking mayavi darpan to show up. Mayavi darpan shows up on the dried tree. Chudail says this is Mayavi darpan. Vikram inquires as to why my appearance isn’t seen here. Chudail requests that he twist down his head so it comes to realize that you are in his safe house. Vikram twists his head. Crow is coming there. Chudail says you can ask 3 questions. Vikram says I need to get some information about the 32 putlis. Bhadrakaal says Vikram came to Mayavi Darpan and says in the event that he comes to think about putlis’ mystery, at that point… my diligent work will go squander. Kapalika keeps running behind Padmini. Padmini grins and turns. She ends up being betaal. Betaal says no one can hurt my companion Vikram and his family. Kapalika asks who is he? Betaal asks didn’t you realize that I am betaal. Kapalika assaults him. Betaal says your assaults are squander on me. Betaal says you are pointless pret. Kapalika tells that he made all Ujjaini lie on death bed. Betaal asks what did you do? Kapalika requests that he take a quick trip and see. She attempts to assault him, yet he moves away.

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Betaal solicits Kapalika not to think from her foe as frail and requests that her tell on whose orders, she came there. He makes a hover around her. Kapalika can’t cross it. Betaal says this is Pavitra rekha and on the off chance that you attempt to cross it, you will kick the bucket. Betaal evaporates. Kapalika yells calling him.

Vikram asks Mayavi darpan to let him know. Betaal comes to Vikram and tells that his Ujjaini is in trouble and tells that individuals are biting the dust with agony. Vikram is stunned. Bhadrakaal says it will be fun at this point. Betaal says I tied Kapalika with pavitra rekha and says I don’t know until when she will be inside. He tells that Padmini is likewise assaulted by her. Bhadrakaal says what will be the three inquiries now. Vikram asks Mayavi Tarpan to demonstrate to him Ujjaini’s status. He sees Ujjaini individuals in agony. Bhadrakaal says only 2 questions are left. Vikram implores God and inquires as to for what reason is he rebuffing his honest individuals. Padmini hears somebody calling her for help and goes to the room where betaal kept Kapalika hostage in the circle. Kapalika sees Padmini there and requests that her draw close to her while concealing herself in the fabric. Padmini comes inside the pavitra rekha and lifts her shroud. Kapalika pushes her and tosses the harmful dark fluid on her. Padmini squirms miserably. Vikram is stunned.

Precap: Vikram gets some information about the answer for make his kin fine. He is going to ask where he can discover the arrangement, when betaal stops him and says on the off chance that you make third inquiry, at that point how you will know 32 putlis truth.


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