Vikram Betaal 12th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Vikram And Betaal’s Encounter With Chudails In Narbhakshi Jungle


Vikram Betaal 12th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kapalika walking around Ujjaini, and the woman’s condition heightens. Bhadrakaal says when you see your kinfolk kicking the pail then half of your soul will desert you. Vikram and Betaal are in the narbhakshi wild. Vikram and betaal see chudails. Chudails says they can smell individuals. They tell that they will eat the general population. Betaal says they are dangerous, and will eat you without salt and mirchi. The chudails ambush Vikram with jolts. Vikram holds the jolt and hits them. The chudails hurl fire ball on him and it will hit betaal. Betaal says I am without blood and tissue, your thirst and hunger won’t end. Vikram asks Betaal to help him. Betaal demands that they get fireputli from their head and a while later they will get outwardly hindered. Kapalika goes to the illustrious living arrangement. Padmini asks Sevikas to go

in case they have lit the diyas. They leave. Unexpectedly diyas sets off. Padmini resources someone’s quintessence and asks who is here? someone attempts to freeze her and continues running past her. Padmini gets panicked and requests her to come infront from her.

Pingla comes there. Padmini uncovers to her that something isn’t directly here and tells about observing a ghost here. Pingla asks her not to stretch and says she will check. Padmini says she has distinguished nebulous vision here. Pingla says it shows up you are scrutinizing various records and says you may wander off in fantasy land. She calls dasi and demands that her stay in Padmini’s room until she rests. She demands that her rest. Padmini is alarmed. Pingla offers money to the Sevika who scared Padmini as nebulous vision and says you will get destruction in case you tell anyone. Sevika says okay. Pingla assumes she will get singhasan for Bharmal and assumes she will make Padmini rushed. Kapalika looks Palace and says time has come to ambush, directly nobody will be saved.

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Betaal reveals to Vikram that the chudails won’t desert him and says I will tell your loved one that you got veer gati. Vikram says who has friend as you, needn’t waste time with an enemy. Chudail says I will eat you totally. Betaal takes the roots from the tree and asks Vikram to get it. Vikram makes the chudail tumbles down and gets the fireputli from his hand. Senapati uncovers to Acharya that hazardous burden hit Ujjaini and tells many have turned out to be debilitated with some infection and nobody consider it. Acharya demands that he go to Raj vaid and get sedate for it. He demands that the experts offer mitigation to the overall public and says he will meet them. Betaal asks Vikram to break it. Chudails demand that they return their eyes, and apologizes. They state we will get outwardly disabled without it. Betaal says you made the chudail solicit infront from you and calls him unprecedented. Vikram demands that they tell where is the darpan where he can see 32 putlis puzzle. Chudail says nobody yet we can see it with our eye.

Bhadrakaal says there is a dread in Ujjaini due to Kapalika. Maya says you are mishandling my powers and demands that he send Kapalika to manor to get Vikram’s head. Kapalika goes to Padmini’s room and thinks plan for last time, as your life will complete in couple of mins. She impacts the dim liquid to go close Padmini. The unsafe liquid is going to contact Padmini’s foot.

Precap: Betaal reveals to Vikram that ujjaini is in a terrible position and lets one know about the putli Kapalika hurt Padmini. Vikram is staggered.


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