Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Ravana Asks Mahadev For His Aatma Ling.


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The scene begins with dashanand attempting to lift kailash with his hands. As kailash tremors, mahadev opens his eyes in annoyance. All divine beings take a gander at mahadev. Mahadev is furious. Dashanand endeavors to lift kailash as he keeps utilizing his entire being, dashanand then isolates his 10 frames into 10 clones and together he begins lifting kailash. Kailash is lifted an inch over the ground and mahadev’s indignation increments as his eyes become red.

Mahadev utilizes one thumb of his leg and he puts on kailash’s ground, he presses kailash down back on the ground and dashanand’s hands are caught under, he says how might you do this with your maha bhakt? I am in torment, it would be ideal if you free me from this agony. Dashanand’s hands seep, as he says free me from this torment prabhu! If you don’t mind Ganesh and all gan’s begin doing tandav

as mahadev presses kailash down utilizing only his thumb. Dashanand shouts in torment as he says free me mahadev, from this torment.

Dashanand begins saying a petition to mahadev and begins saying the mantras of mahadev to inspire him and quiet down his resentment. As the divine beings watch, dashanand’s hands are caught under kailash and he continues going to mahadev saying his mantras. The divine beings watch and after certain years, indra dev says it has been years currently dashanand’s hands have been caught yet this underhanded evil presence has been imploring mahadev from that point forward, I trust mahadev doesn’t get inspired by his petitions.

At long last as dashanand does his supplications, mahadev gets up and says I need to go to my devotee. Parvati says however prabhu, if a pupil go astray to asking aid from their god, is it right? Mahadev says parvati, a devotee dependably starts things out despite the fact that he does adharma yet that adharma will end him without a doubt since malice can’t exist for long. Mahadev proceeds to offer darshan to dashanand.

Dashanand’s hands are liberated as he is in torment. He takes a gander at the divya symbol of mahadev and says my shiva shambhu, acknowledge my pranam bholenath. Mahadev favors dashanand and brings him back typical from all agony and blood. Dashanand thanks mahadev and says prabhu I know, you are irate from what I did yet I didn’t have some other alternative. Be that as it may, prabhu you gave me darshan and have made me appreciative of it. Mahadev says a pupil’s torment is additionally the torment of a divine being, so from today I name you Ravana! Dashanand says ravana and says from today the entire universe will know me as Ravana, Mahabali Ravana!

Ravana says however prabhu, I have another desire. Mahadev says bhakt ravana, ask anything other than don’t request that I come to lanka. I can’t leave kailash as it has dependably been my home, I live in all things and I exist all over the place, so I will dependably be the place you need me to be. Ravana recalls what he guaranteed to his mom and is stressed. Ravana says mahadev, in the event that not you, at that point I need your aatma ling. Mahadev is stunned and all divine beings are stunned.

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All divine beings state on the off chance that ravana gets mahadev’s aatma ling, at that point there will be a gigantic inconvenience. Mahadev says bhakt, I can’t give you my aatma ling. Ravana says mahadev for what reason do you think I am not proficient to deal with your aatma ling? I guarantee my mom to bring you to lanka however to keep that guarantee, I need your aatma ling so my mom is cheerful, you accompany me to lanka and keep the aatma ling yourself yet prabhu I can’t go from here without the aatma ling. Ravana says mahadev, give me a shelter that wherever I place your aatma ling, it get build up there until the end of time. Mahadev says OK ravana, it is correct. I will give you my aatma ling. Mahadev’s aatma ling shows up from his chest and he offers it to ravana, in that procedure a divya light originates from parvati’s chest as well and it goes to mahadev symbolizing that mahadev and parvati are one. Parvati says on the off chance that your aatma goes mahadev, at that point even my spirit will run with you since where you are! There I am and we can’t be isolated. Ravana takes the aatma ling in his grasp and it is so substantial, ravana tumbles down and says I didn’t know prabhu’s aatma ling will be so overwhelming. As mahadev had stated, if my aatma ling contacts the ground it will be set up there for eternity. Ravana utilizes his entire existence and says om namaha shivay, he lifts the aatma ling. Mahadev grins and says be alert dashanand, recall what I said.

Master Vishnu shows up and says in the event that I needed to, sister parvati I could have slaughtered him utilizing sudarshan chakra however I saw mahadev’s aatma ling at that point how might I assault him? brahma dev says on the off chance that devi durga and world’s guardian ruler Vishnu can’t stop ravana, at that point who can? Kartikeya says I feel myself unfit in this today. We need to utilize knowledge in this circumstance and no one but ganesh can do it, since utilizing shakti and yukti is pratham pujya ganesh. Ganesh assumes the liability to stop ravana and get the aatma lord built up in kailash.

Precap: Ganesh utilizes his knowledge and furthermore solidarity to handle ravana as he means to prevent ravana from leaving kailash with the aatma ling.


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