Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th March 2020 Written Episode Update – Ganesh Moves To Save Jayant.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The episode starts with ganesh explaining soormukhi to not to immediately promise anybody which can’t happen so she too tells ganesh that I was helpless so had to do this because my motive is security of jayant & gods.
Sooramukham feeling fishy happening in hut so he tells his army to go near the door.
Devsena is praying mata to permit her to help swami kartik in completing this pooja & mata happily blesses her & also devsena asks permission from mahadev’s shivling too & he too smiles & blesses her as they both praise devsena.
Devsena starts performing pooja taking plate with her towards kartik & shivling.

Soormukham goes near the door of the hut to hear & hears soormukhi talking with somebody & he pushes the door & enters but he finds soormukhi praying kartik’s statue & he searches everywhere as he sees another back door slightly open & he immediately goes there but it closes & he gets bugged & he understands they ran away.
Jayant is praying while evil fire power is coming towards him & gods under prison are watching & trying to divert the fire power from going towards jayant.
Ganesh & veer bahu run towards sea water & veer bahu feels trouble there so he alerts ganesh.
Devsena is pouring water on kartik from head in process of pooja performance while indra & mushak are also praying but feel if kartik understands then again there might be some problems but he is still calm in meditating.
Mata paravati too is pouring water on mahadev’s body from head.
Soormukham thinks of which direction ganesh & veer bahu must have gone & he understands so he uses his powers to send his army towards them.

Devsena is praying kartik with water pouring on him while indra feels blessed by a daughter like devsena & mushak too praises devsena.
Jayant is praying swami kartik while the evil pig is trying to attack him from around the den where he is clutched & gods are feeling trouble.
Mata paravti praises devsena telling mahadev but mahadev gives a different signal to mata paravati.
The evil pig is trying to attack but is pushed away by powers of kartik’s blessings towards jayant.
Soormukham directs his army to attack ganesh & veer bahu.
Ganesh is alarming veer bahu about trouble.
A huge storm erupts towards kartik’s meditation with flow of sea so she tries to hold the cane covering to not to fall & also indra with mushak too holds tightly. Devsena addressing kartik says I won‘t allow any kind of trouble to disturb your meditation.
The evil pig is unable to reach towards jayant as he is always disturbed by some other power while jayant understands & smiles.
Veer bahu tells ganesh that to go & look of jayant while I’ll face this army & ganesh reminds him you have another work too & he remembers telling ganesh that I’ll do that after finishing with this army & ganesh says & I’ll go towards jayant.
Jayant is praying while devsena is fighting with the storm with help of indra & mushak.
Jayant is praying for swami kartik in such huge storm going on where devsena is trying to stop big rocks coming towards kartik. Ganesh & veer bahu are surrounded by soormukaham & his army while ganesh pushes a guard & jumps in the deep pond water where he understands jayant is there itself while veer bahu is fighting with the army & soormukham.

Precap: Soormukham is taking veer bahu in clutches towards soorapadman’s palace saying now your partner will get attacked in that deep water too. The evil animal is trying to attack jayant & ganesh while gods are shouting to alert both of them.


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