Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update – Thinna & Meela Are Impressed By Mahadev & Paravati Who Boon Both Of Them.


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The scene begins with mahadev immerging to favor thinna and he is pleased imploring him. Thinna offers nourishment to mahadev and eats so thinna turns out to be upbeat. Ganesh clarifies this was towards an enthusiast that his god is for him however couldn’t remain for long and swami comes charging him and a few people come to lift him and they beat him a great deal doing this sort of work of offering non-veg to prabhu. Swami stops them letting you know leave now and disregard him and swami comes to sanctuary saying that to please excuse him and I won’t permit him to come to you now yet mahadev is pushing swami with storm as swami sees and curves down clarifying him that you ought not do this as my fan should come to see me in every case except swami examines about what he was fouling up then mahadev clarifies him and leaves while swami is shocked how the tempest was halted.

Thinna comes to sanctuary again attempting to offer nourishment again and saying regarding why you didn’t halted those individuals however attempting to give nourishment and mahadev doesn’t take then he inquires as to why or did swami disclosed to you anything and he is discussing unadulterated love which I have for you who has for his wefe, his children’s, his folks and so on. Still thinna is attempting to give nourishment however recognizes tears clearly so he is discouraged what has befallen you prabhu and attempts to wipe tears yet can’t stop and sees removes originating from it constantly so he brings some ayurved to fix to stop yet it doesn’t and again shockingly observes red detaches originating from it so he is stunned and says is your visual perception gone then I’ll give you my eyes to you and he cuts his eyes with bolts and places on prabhu’s eyes and he is consistently doing attempting to give his individually including third eye saying you itself said I’ll get third eye as well yet meela comes hurrying to see this while mahadev and paravati mata come to favor him and the two of them are enchanted. Mahadev reveals to him I am intrigued with your such commitment so ask me what you wish then he says nothing now as you have come to favor me however mahadev then also says I will give you since you need to do part for this world and so I favor you with you bhakta kannappa who will demonstrate eyes to everyone and mata helps meela his significant other who’ll be half body for him who too will favor individuals.

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Swami commends as bhakt kanappa to thinna and additionally kartik also adulates. Ganesh clarifies this sort of commitment which made thinna bhakt kanappa and this sort of dedication is there between spouse and wife as well.

Devsena is thinking why nothing is going on and supplicates swami saying I will continue appealing to God for you till you don’t come here.

Ganesh and all are supplicating in the sanctuary of srikalhasti while kartik asks we didn’t bring any bhog for god then ganesh clarifies him that there is no compelling reason to bring bhog here as this god can acknowledges blossoms and petals so you can take this and do Pooja so he does likewise.

The disasters are attempting to send its bull structure to pulverize the mountains while the raja comprehends and attempts to quit fighting back.

Precap: To see new type of mahadev in incredible immergence.


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