Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update – Mata Saraswati Explaining Mata Paravati Of Girls For Kartik’s Marriage.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 13th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The scene begins with mata saraswati disclosing mata paravati that to not to stress as devi devsensa and devi valli has taken re-birth for our child kartik’s life accomplice to turn into. Ganesh asks how it has happened then she clarifies that one maharaj arishta had got these two little girl’s from his significant other who was additionally god indra’s companion and asoors were his foe so once asoor had assaulted devsena while she was culling blossoms and as they attempted to assault her then indra came to spare her and maharaj was intrigued by indra god expressing gratitude toward him. Indra passed on his affection towards his girl devsena and wished likewise on the off chance that he had such a sweet little girl, at that point maharaj gives him his girl disclosing to him you accept her as your little girl and my another girl will be with me.

Ganesh solicits mata saraswati I comprehended from devsena however how devi valli was brought into the world then she clarifies him there was one rishi who was thinking while he goes over a megh giving him headings of a kid so he advises megh to show the bowman raj the way towards the youngster and megh incites that toxophilite raja as he is attempting to shoot megh by his bolt yet megh spares himself and demonstrates him the kid and bowman picks the kid tolerating it as his girl and keeps name as devi valli as he comprehends that it was megh’s sign itself for me to have this kid.

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Mata saraswati tells paravati that now your concern is done as both these young ladies are conceived for your kartik itself yet she falls in disarray so ganesh asks what happened then she enlightens him regarding how kartik will respond so ganesh assumes liability to prepare him for marriage.

Ganesh goes to kartik and continues visiting with him while take risk to give him sign of marriage then kartik clarifies him by demonstrating the lake and entering in it and ganesh is held by a crocodile and as he yells for help from kartik then crocodile vanishes and this was kartik’s arrangement to cause him to see how marriage life is which will influence my life says kartik.

Indra and his better half are acknowledging devsena the amount she has grown-up while her sibling is playing with different house keepers and she is dealing with him pleasantly. Indra and his significant other are acknowledging how much love she has for her sibling as well. Her sibling tosses rose bundle towards a spot where she goes to look and discovers part of weapons being kept and unexpectedly observes a picture like kartik and she feels confounded.

Precap: Indra’s child is grasped by one asoor and indra keeps challenge on the off chance that anyone who brings my child from his grip i’ll wed my girl devsena with him. Ganesh says this should be possible by sibling kartik itself and paravati mata says it his obligation towards devsena too as her future spouse.


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