Vidya 25th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Vivek And Vidya Spend Time


Vidya 25th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Vidya seeing the mangalsutra. She recalls her marriage with Vivek. She thinks I will wear this mangalsutra when I prove my capabilities to your mum, you trust me and stood against your mum, you have given me a chance and this time I won’t let anything wrong happen. Maa asks Mahek to settle down on the right time. Mahek asks her not to make her Dadi right now, she didn’t think of all that and just wants to learn cooking. Bablu jokes. Maa says I will ask the responsible people to marry, not people like you, who can’t even manage anything. Dharma says I can still scare your mum by staring at her.

Bablu says I can see your respect. Dharma asks him not to say nonsense. Bablu says I m saying the truth, Mahek is learning all this for Avtaar. Dharma says yes, but Avtaar is desi man. Bablu says Mahek fell for him since Avtaar was shot, I will not let their matter get set, she had slapped me, I will give her an answer. Mahek cuts the roti round by using a metal. She says I can do anything. Maa laughs and says yes, great, you make rotis, until then I will dry some clothes and come. She goes. Mahek makes rotis.

Vivek and Vidya are on the way. He asks her to pass the water. She gives him the water bottle. She recalls her exam. He asks her why is she worried. She says I m much worried for the results. He says you should be happy that you gave your exams in such times, you will pass. Vidya says you are saying this to pacify me, you don’t know to lie, you are also worried, I can see that.

Bablu says you know, a way to man’s heart is through his stomach, Avtaar likes to eat karela dish, because he likes to stay fit. Mahek smiles and thinks I will make karela dish for Avtaar. Vivek asks Vidya to just shout out. She says no. He shouts and asks her to try. She shouts and smiles. He asks her to play a game, say the most close word to the word. They play the game. He says love… She says Vivek ji… They smile. He plays a song. Hai khwab tu….plays…They recall their moments

Vivek and Vidya’s car stops on the way. The man asks did you see any little girl running. Vivek says no, who is she, how is she related to you. Vivek and Vidya see the girl hiding in the car.


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