Vidya 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Vivek’s Mum Gets Critical


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The Episode begins with Vidya leaving. She sees the residents furious on Vivek. Vivek and his mum contend. Vidya returns to Vivek’s home and cautions Anand about the irate group. She says toss the sand to stop them, shut the door, I will make Vivek and his mum leave. Anand requests that watchmen take position. Vidya goes Vivek. He asks what’s wrong. The individuals toss the stone and break the window. Vidya says individuals are furious, you need to go, Nanku’s men are likewise with them, Dharma and Bablu made the individuals against. Nanku is doing the puja. Kalindi looks on. The individuals beat the gatekeepers and get in. Anand calls the police. Vivek and his mum leave with Vidya. They run from the window. The individuals pursue them. Vivek’s mum says I won’t leave you and go. Vivek asks Vidya to take his mum. He asks his mum to simply go. He remains there. The individuals come.

Vivek blows up and comes to them. Dharma says you won’t get spared now. Vivek battles the goons. Vidya and Vivek’s mum run. Vivek’s mum reprimands Vidya. They hear the goons discovering her. Vidya takes her to cover up. Vivek’s mum blows up on her and pushes her. She says you will destroy my child, what was the need to advise truth to locals, I m going to Vivek. Vidya says don’t go there. She sees the goons coming. The goons hit Vivek’s mum. Vivek and police come there. The goons flee. Vivek stresses seeing the blood in his grasp. Nanku finds a good pace puja and goes to goons. The goons state Vivek got spared, however we made Vivek’s mum arrive at the medical clinic, perhaps she kicked the bucket. Nanku says its great, we will target Vivek later. Vivek’s mum gets treated. Specialist comes and says your mum has slipped in vegetative state, she isn’t in extreme lethargies, its an indication of stress. Dharma looks on and says now it will be fun, Nanku did right, presently Vivek will fault Vidya and the two of them will battle.

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Vivek says sorry mum, I was unable to secure you, converse with me, it would be ideal if you Vidya cries seeing him cry. She says I m answerable for this, I was unable to ensure her, this is my flaw, I ought to have come clean of Shiv ji to individuals, I didn’t have the foggiest idea about this would occur, Nanku will utilize the issue thusly. Dharma looks on. She says I neglected to spare your mum, excuse me. Dharma thinks Vivek will currently fault Vidya. Vivek prevents Vidya from collapsing hands. He holds her face and signs no. He says no Vidya ji, its not your slip-up, don’t accuse yourself. Dharma gets stunned. Vivek says Nanku is exploiting our issues. Dharma thinks they got joined once more. Vivek says Nanku made individuals incited, you have attempted your best, you went ahead time and we could oversee ourselves, else mum and I would have been stuck there, its not your misstep, this happened on account of Nanku, he did a serious mix-up by harming my mum, I won’t extra him now. Dharma believes Nanku’s arrangement fizzled, I need to advise this to Nanku.

Precap: Vidya says I guaranteed Vivek’s mum that I will leave from Vivek, he will break. Maa favors er. Vivek comes. They get stunned.


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