Vidya 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Vidya Gets The Bail


Vidya 13th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Vidya getting stunned seeing the van bursting into flames. She yells for help. She thinks to apply the oil and dispose of he binds. She liberates herself and gets down the transport. The police van bursts into flames from the electric post. She requests help. She sees the van bursting the into flames. She gets every one of the constables outside. She goes to get the driver. She takes everybody out securely. The van detonates. She asks. Avtaar and Vivek meet the judge. Vivek says Vidya is headed. Controller comes. Vivek asks where is Vidya. Overseer says the van where Vidya was being brought, it met with a mishap, the van totally consumed. They get stunned. Reviewer says our group came to there and didn’t discover anybody inside. Vivek stresses for Vidya.

The judge asks did offender intend to flee, issue a capture warrant against her. Dharma wears new garments. Maa gazes at him. He asks did you include anything in the tea. She acts sweet to him. She is sorry to him. He says you changed the gathering, you are my Guru, you have to win my trust. She thinks I m prepared to do anything for Vidya. Vidya goes to the judge. Constable says our van met with a mishap, she didn’t flee, she helped us, she can’t be the guilty party. Judge says at that point sit on my seat and choose. Constable says sorry, she spared our lives. Judge says Vidya has filled in as a cop, the division is talking in support of her. Vivek says Vidya did great to them. Judge asks Vidya for what valid reason didn’t she flee. Vidya says I have full confidence in law and equity, Chanda’s guilty party will get rebuffed, I simply need an opportunity, I need to uncover the wrongdoing and bring reality out, in the event that I get imprisoned, I won’t have the option to get reality out, allow me barely any days time, on the off chance that I fizzle, at that point I will come to you. Legal advisor gives the bail papers. Vidya says acknowledge the bail if you don’t mind sorry I m with reality as you seem to be. Judge concedes the bail.

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He says Vidya didn’t flee when she got an opportunity, she has spared the police officers, it gives her great convey, I need the police to research once more, Vidya is on bail for 24 hours with the goal that she can demonstrate her blamelessness. She thanks the judge. He says we trust that you will be demonstrated guiltless, we as a whole should regard an educator, all of you may go. Avtaar asks Vidya to return home. He goes. Vidya says I neglected to state something, I felt that the tire burst by somebody’s arrangement, similar to somebody needed to support me and realized I won’t run. The individuals talk about Vivek doing equity with Vidya. Vidya sees the individuals furious on her. The woman reprimands Vidya. Chanda’s mum additionally reproves Vidya and sobs for Chanda. She faults Vidya for grabbing Chanda.

Vidya apologizes to her. She says I m guiltless, I will demonstrate it, I m saying reality, I would have not allowed this to occur, I love every one of the children, I got 24 hours to demonstrate my blamelessness. Vivek asks what, for what reason did Vidya go alone, for what reason didn’t our colleague go with her, Anand this is a town, individuals overlook everything out of frustration. The individuals blow up on Vidya. Vivek says they can take any off-base move out of resentment. Vidya says I need 24 hours from all of you, I will demonstrate my reality and get the offender rebuffed, on the off chance that I fall flat, I will acknowledge the discipline from you. Chanda’s mum asks would you be able to bring Chanda back. Vivek says its our obligation to secure Vidya, it might get late. The individuals pick stones to hit Vidya. Vidya stresses.

Precap: Vidya flees. The individuals hit her with stones. She cries. Dharma looks on and grins.


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