Vahbiz Dorabjee accusses Vivian Dsena of domestic violence in the divorce proceedings?


Vivian Dsena and Vahbiz Dorabjee got isolated in 2016 in any case, the couple isn’t yet conceded a separation. As of late, the pair stood out as truly newsworthy as there were reports that Vahbiz’s ‘to an extreme’ interest for support is the purpose behind the postponement in the separation. Vahbiz had even responded to the reports and slammed media for misdirecting reality. Till now, nobody comprehended what precisely was the explanation behind their partition.

In any case, according to the source, Vahbiz supposedly blamed Vivian for a few charges and abusive behavior at home is one of them. The source referenced that while recording the separation, Vahbiz Dorabjee supposedly uncovered that Vivian had manhandled her physically and that is the motivation behind why she needs a separation. The legal executive had examined this charge as of late, yet there is no decision out yet.

Prior in a meeting with Pinkvilla, the on-screen character let us know, “Can any anyone explain why ladies are the one constantly accused for whatever turns out badly? Everybody around is discussing ladies strengthening in our nation… Truly? What’s more, this is how you criticize a lady? I am an exceptionally resilient lady, I am somebody who isn’t reluctant to voice her sentiment.”

She likewise said that she had stayed silent for 2-3 years since she needed to keep up her respect and figured the gossipy tidbits will kick the bucket. As they didn’t stop, she couldn’t remain mum any more.


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