Upcoming show ‘Alo Chhaya’ to replace ‘Joyee’


Another network show portraying the obligation of two little young ladies Alo and Chhaya is good to go to hit the little screen. The up and coming show ‘Alo Chhaya’ will debut on September 2 supplanting mainstream TV sequential ‘Joyee’. Child artist Hiya Dey will make her TV rebound with ‘Alo Chhaya’.

The updates on day by day cleanser ‘Joyee’ finishing its adventure has left the whole group just as the crowd upset.

The show ‘Joyee’, featuring Debadrita Basu and Dibyojyoti Dutta as the lead characters, is one of the well known day by day cleansers on Bengali TV. It was debuted in 2017 and turned out to be very prevalent with its storyline which highlights town beauty Joyee, who is a gifted footballer. Debadrita as footballer bahu Joyee was very persuading while Dibyojyoti stole a million hearts with his appeal.

On account of the regular wanders aimlessly, straightforward narrating and the enthusiastic science among Ribhu and Joyee, the show gives an intense battle to all different saas-bahu adventures and scored well on the TRP graphs. Keeping the curve competition of reprobate Sukumar and Joyee alive, the scenes are going great. What’s more, this week Joyee scored well on the TRP graphs. The show is relied upon to end with a grasping story track following which Alokananda Guha will enter the show.


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