Udaariyaan 7th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh learns about Jasmin’s Canada dreams

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The Episode starts with Tejo saying you are the lover, who is after Jasmin. Fateh says yes, its me, how can you read someone’s letters. She scolds him for stalking Jasmin. He says I m not a roadside romeo, I m educated and belong to a respectable family, I m a national level boxing champion, you don’t know true love and its madness, but I know everything. He says wherever I see, I just see Jasmin’s face, I had seen Jasmin here in the Gurudwara for the first time. Tejo says you fell in love with her at first sight, it doesn’t happen in real life.

He says there is no life without love. She says I agree that you fell in her love, why didn’t you go and confess love to her. He says that’s the problem, you get any strong opponent in the ring, I can fight, but I can’t speak in front of Jasmin, I feel scared, I have got her in my heart. He says I thought Jas got a relation for Jasmin and all that happened, that confession in the trial room was also for Jasmin, I truly love her, I want to marry her, once I tell her my feelings, I will get an alliance at your home for her. She says this can’t happen. He asks why can’t it happen, is there anyone in her heart. She says yes, her dream to go to Canada, she has just thought of Canada.

She says she wants a guy who takes her to Canada. Fateh says this is impossible, you don’t tell her your dream by her name, you are marrying Jas for going to Canada. Tejo says no, I don’t want to go, I just love my Punjab, but my fate isn’t such, Jas was written in my fate, I have not said yes to Jas for Canada’s sake, I told that for my family’s sake. She cries. She says anyways, before your heart breaks, forget Jasmin, she will never accept you because your passport doesn’t have a Canada visa. He cries. He says you are doing this to make me leave Jasmin. She says no, you have told your feelings decently, so I told you the truth. I know whatever you did for Jasmin, you don’t need to come with Jas in our roka, I will explain Jas. She goes. Fateh sits crying and recalls Jasmin.

The family prepares for the roka. Jas and his mum also fool them on the video call. Jas shows a jet model for Jasmin. Satti says we are waiting for you. Jas says the gold is shining a lot, we have to be careful of Viraj, he was trying to find about us. He shows his fake passport. Viraj does decorations. Taya ji goes to tell Tejo’s dad that he bought a truck by the money. He thinks to tell it some how. Fateh recalls Tejo’s words. He thinks my dream is broken. Jasmin dances with her friends. Tejo sees her and stops there. She hears Jasmin talking to her friends about her lover. She says if this guy isn’t from Canada, then bye bye. Tejo says its good I told everything to Fateh, she will never be able to love him. She thinks how to go to Amritsar between all this. Tejo’s dad sees the truck and asks about it. The man says Harman Tayaji has bought this. Tejo’s dad goes in and sees savings gone. He asks what did you do.

Fateh vents his anger. Buzo asks him to forget Jasmin. Fateh refuses. Amrik asks what will you do now. Tejo says I m getting an award for the best teacher. Viraj says congrats, what was it to be secretive, you could have told this at home. She says no, I have to go right now to Amritsar to get this award. He says your roka is in the evening. She says I will just go and receive it, Sarabjeet is going to give me this award. I read a lot about him, please let me go. Viraj says I will see. She says I love you Veerey. He says I love you too and hugs her.

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