Tujhse Hai Raabta 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Kalyani Determines To Save Anupriya


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The Episode begins with Kalyani cleaning the cell in the police headquarters. She reveals to Rao that she will clear the floor and asks what is the water framework here, on the off chance that it comes here day by day. Malhar and Anupriya comes there. Rao tells that Kalyani surrended herself for seizing Sampada and Sarthak recorded objection against her. Malhar inquires as to whether this is youngsters’ play and tells that he has kept Sampada in the house. Kalyani says she will remain here with her Aai and won’t disregard her. Malhar asks what is this whimsicalness and tells that he was thinking as far as possible that Rachit will be alive and afterward he can free Aai from this allegation. He says it is acceptable that his dead body isn’t discovered, says on the off chance that he is alive, at that point I will get him. Kalyani says you brought my Aai here and says I won’t leave her. Anupriya says you are thinking Malhar wrong and says he took me to Commissioner to demand him to offer authorization to her to remain out and not in the cell. She asks her not to make his work troublesome and tells that he is simply carrying out his responsibility. Malhar asks Kalyani to turn out. Kalyani turns out and embraces Anupriya. She says you didn’t do anything incorrectly and asks her not to assume fault on herself for the happenings. Anupriya requests that her return home and says Moksh must be sitting tight for you, he needs you and you need to persuade Sampada to spare Moksh’s life. Kalyani embraces her and cries.

Malhar asks Sampada to sign on the IVF papers or get imprisoned. He says Rachit can’t come here to spare you. He inquires as to whether she needs to go to prison or need to sign. Sampada signs on the papers. Kalyani discloses to Moksh that very soon, he will be fine and they will remain as a glad family. Malhar advises that tomorrow they will go to IVF center. Kalyani reveals to Malhar that they will take Sampada’s announcement against Rachit. Malhar says it isn’t that simple and tells that he guarantee that he will spare Maai and will get Rachit, trusting he is alive. Simply then they hear Madhav yelling at Swara. Malhar asks what is wrong? She advises that Rachit attempted to wed her coercively, yet Atharv came there and saved her. She says she needs to make Atharv sit on Rachit’s place with the goal that his goons don’t question. She says our marriage occurred with all the mantra and customs. She tells that Atharv made her wear this mangalsutra. Malhar says Atharv is a youngster with mind. Atharv says Baba… you have hitched Aai. Madhav pushes Atharv. Aao saheb says you will be grateful to Atharv for sparing Swara’s life. Madhav says I am grateful to him for sparing her life, however along these lines likewise, her life will be demolished.

Swara holds Atharv’s hands and tells that he is her better half at this point. Pallavi tells that when Atharv recovers his memory, he will get her wedded to a pleasant person and not with a widow. Malhar inquires as to whether she comprehends what she is stating. He asks Atharv to leave Swara’s hand and discloses to her that he is a youngster and you can’t wed him. Swara says he got hitched to me seeing the God and from now, we are a couple. Aao Saheb asks Malhar for what good reason he is taking her choices. Malhar says I realize you are irate with me as I captured Maai, yet you can’t demolish her life. Swara says Atharv is my better half at this point. Kalyani reveals to her that they all adoration Atharv and tells that you knows his state of mind. Simply then Commissioner comes there and tells that a man has given proclamation that he saw Rachit’s body tumbling down from the bluff and says now Anupriya will be blamed for Rachit’s homicide. Kalyani is stunned and tells that her Aai isn’t a killer. She cries. Malhar attempts to converse with her. kalyani says nothing will happen to my Aai, she isn’t a killer.

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Aao Saheb faults Swara for Anupriya’s condition and says Atharv is limited right now, of you and admonishes her for deduction Radhe Shyam is alive. She goes from that point. Swara gets a message and gets stunned. She gets a call at that point. She asks the man who is he and from where he got her such pics, thinks on the off chance that somebody sees those pics, at that point she will pass on with disgrace. She takes a gander at the gas stove. Kalyani comes to Anupriya and requests that her go to Malhar’s lodge. She says you would have gone from here on Aao Saheb’s truisms. She takes her to Malhar’s lodge and requests that her beverage water. Woman constable requests that her go. Kalyani requests that her let her discussion to her Aai. Malhar comes there. Swara is going to strike the match stick, when Atharv comes there and requests that her give him nourishment, says he is ravenous. He says Aai additionally makes nourishment for Baba. Swara cries. Atharv inquires as to for what reason are you crying and inquires as to whether you are feeling that I was unable to be a decent spouse. Swara embraces him and says I don’t have anything in my life than you. Atharv sings melody kya hai mera pehla pyaar hai and embraces her as well.

Anupriya reveals to Kalyani that she can’t lie. Sarthak comes there and requests that her untruth. Anupriya says I won’t lie and advises that she shot him to spare Swara and says on the off chance that he would have been alive, at that point he would have demolished Kalyani’s life. Sarthak says you care for your girl so much and couldn’t care less about your better half. He goes. Malhar asks Kalyani to go before he shows her out. Kalyani says I will leave, yet I won’t let anything happen to my Aai tomorrow in court.

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