Television performer Aishwarya Sen sincerely shares her ‘Nababarsha’ memories


Bengali TV performing artist Aishwarya Sen, who made her imprint with prevalent shows like ‘Potol Kumar Gaanwala’ and ‘Shubho Drishti’, is observing Polia Boishakh with her co-stars. The beautiful performing artist is right now occupied with ‘Jai Kali Kalkattawali’. She stated, “I will go through Poila Boishakh with my co-performers of Jai Kali Kalkattawali. The manner in which we used to observe Poila Boishakh amid our adolescence was something unique.”

Aishwarya spent her youth in Burrabazar territory, Kolkata, and used to visit looks for ‘Halkhata’ with her granddad. While discussing ‘Nababarsha’, Aishwarya reviewed all the delightful recollections related with the event.

“It was an alternate sort of energy. My granddad used to get us new garments. We were welcomed by the nearby businesspeople for Halkhata. Me and my senior sibling used to check what number of solicitations we have. We were invited with various kinds of desserts, cold beverages and frozen yogurts as we visited the shops. More solicitations implied progressively cool beverages and desserts, which were generally not permitted at home as we were exceptionally youthful,” she laughed while sharing.

“Holding my granddad’s hand and visiting shops after shops made Poila Boishakh progressively uncommon,” she went enthusiastic. Aishwarya lost her granddad a few years back.

The Sen family are enthusiasts of Lord Jagannath and they have a lovely sanctuary inside their genealogical home as well. “Consistently, the duty of organizing the puja of Lord Jagannath was separated among our relatives. Consistently, on Poila Boishakh, the duties were given over to the following family. Me and my trouble used to sit tight for our turn. I can’t disclose to you the amount I miss those days,” Aishwarya said.

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“These days we purchase garments the whole year. Prior, we used to sit tight for Nababarsha and Durga puja to have new garments. I can’t visit the shops and request cold beverages and desserts in the nearby shops on Halkhata, similar to I used to do in youth. Some way or another, we have experienced childhood in the middle of,” Aishwarya’s voice mirrored her feeling.


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