Story 9 Months Ki 7th April 2021 Written Episode Update

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Story 9 Months Ki 7th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Sarang pampers his daughter and talking to her while coming back from the school. He asks Sayuri how was her day in the school and she says about beating two boys and scarring another and Sarang is shocked. She says I will behave with people the way I should. Sarang makes Sayuri understand that if she behaves like this then people will blame him. Sayuri gets emotional and says to her father that if anyone says so I will break their face. While on the other hand Alia is putting Agastya to sleep and she apologizes to him for taking him to her office even when he got a fever. She says I want to give you all kinds of comfort and luxuries but now your mother is so helpless that she doesn’t have any of this. Agastya says to his mother that it’s not a big game since you do a lot for me and Aggu is a superman and I had read in the comic book that we should fight for ourselves. He promises to Alia that he will definitely try again to stand up against bullies and eve teasing tomorrow and will not let her down.

Sayuri comes back home when Kamaleswari is already talking to Kavya while Sarang and Sayuri come back home and Sayuri is excited to talk to her. Sarang asks Sayuri to address her as aunty but she says Kayu mumma. Kavya gets offended with this word of Sarang. Sarang talks to Kavya regarding work but he refuses to come to Mumbai again under any circumstances.

In Mumbai, Agastya goes to sleep and Alia gets a call from Rabia asking her about Aggu and Alia shares her concern about the bullying issue of Agastya and she shows concern for his mental health. She talks to Agastya through that website in the night and both of them express their concern while Aliya says to Sarang that she is hoping for an improvement in Agastya and both are trying to asks personal questions to each other but hold on as it will be awkward and unwanted.

The next morning, Sayuri is creating a scene in the house to go to Mumbai and to make Sarang agree but he is not ready to do it under any circumstances. Sayuri is said as she wants to meet her mother and she says that in school she has to submit a project on the family tree topic but she doesn’t have a picture of her mother. Agastya for the first time uses his brain to avoid bullies and he succeeded too. An ecstatic agastya thinks that the graffiti book has all the correct information about how to fight your own battles. Aliya blames her father for the separation of her and Sarang. She says if you think that I am happy after spoiling mine relationship then be it but do not try to interfere in my and my son’s life. We are happy the way we are. On the other hand, Sayuri makes Kavya book tickets for Mumbai and Sarang gets angry with her for this.

Precap: Sayuri and family come to Mumbai. She gets ill and the doctor gives Sarang an ultimatum.