Shubharambh 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani Loses The House Keys


Shubharambh 13th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Rani moves from Raja. Raja informs her to not stress regarding the plane. Rani says I will hold your hand. Raja says I will never leave your hand. Rani grins.

Utsav is concerned that he doesn’t have cash. His companion instructs him to take.

Asha grins at Kirtida and says I need you to make laddos for Raja. Kirtida says what were you doing in Raja and Rani’s room the previous evening? You can’t trick me. Asha stops her and says I have 50 lacs, I have it so now I will get my privileges.

Rani goes to her home. Virinda discloses to Raja that your relative is acceptable? Rani says she is awesome. Virinda says you have obligations now. Rani says they gave me house keys so I am concerned. Virinda says satisfy your obligations with adoration.

Kirtida becomes more acquainted with from Jharna that Asha paid for the tickets. Kirtida imagines that it implies Asha didn’t get the cash. Jharna discloses to her that Utsav came to meet Asha the previous evening and they were contending. Kirtida expresses gratitude toward her and says watch out for her.

Rani reveals to Virinda that I miss you. Raja retouches Rani’s dad’s shoes. Utsav sees Rani’s sack and thinks. Raja gets Asha’s call and says we need to return. Rani looks on.

Raja and Rani return home. Hiten says we needed the house keys. Rani says sorry, I took it with me, she checks her back yet can’t discover the keys.

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Utsav gets the copy made of the keys. His companion instructs him to take as you should consider Rani’s life.

Scene 2

Raja checks the pack yet can’t discover the keys. Kirtida says where are the sheltered’s keys? Raja says she more likely than not lost it at her home. Rani says however Virinda would have called till now. Hitank says they more likely than not lost it. Dadi says Rani ought to have been cautious. Rani says I am grieved. Virinda comes there and says Rani overlooked her keys, you should have been cautious Rani. She requests that the family pardon her. Kirtida says it’s alright. Virinda leaves.

Utsav appeals to God and says I am doing this for my sister. I will do anything for her.

Asha feels that I need to get the cash from Utsav. Rani comes to Asha and says you should keep these keys. Kirtida comes and says you don’t stress, keep the keys with yourself. You should stress over your special night arrangements as it were. Raja gestures at Rani.

Rani and Raja are pressing. Rani is stressed. Raja says it’s alright you will require some investment.

PRECAP-Rani reveals to Raja that I need to make a sweater for an individual that I care about. Raja grins at her.


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