Shakti 25th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Preeto’s Revelation Shocks Heer


Shakti 25th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Mahi inquiring as to whether she has gone frantic? Heer says indeed, I have gone distraught. Didn’t you comprehend that he is my psyche and heart. Harak Singh solicits her to take him out from her heart and brain. He says I have caused him to comprehend not to draw close to my Heer, else I will shot him legitimately. Heer says you don’t need Virat to come here, so slaughter me. She says I am the explanation behind Virat to come here, and that is the reason execute me. Harak Singh inquires as to why, will I slaughter you? You are my blood, this is my family. I am not distraught like you. He says you need to live, however not for us. Heer says I would prefer not to live without him. Preeto requests that he hear cautiously that until I am alive, you can’t pass on. I won’t let you kick the bucket or let you meet him. Heer says you are not God and tells that Mata Rani is huge and unrivaled. She says we do Mata Rani’s aarti and requests endowments. She requests that her ask Mata Rani, on the off chance that they are made for one another. Harak Singh says you both are not made for one another, requests that her wash Preeto’s feet and drink. He says neither of you are made for one another. He requests that her love them. Heer says I don’t confide in all of you, all of you misled me before moreover. She says I simply trust Mata Rani and not all of you. She requests that he hold up there and takes coin from her room. She comes to them and tells that she will flip mata rani’s coin and says on the off chance that head comes, at that point return my Virat, on the off chance that tail comes, at that point she will never take Virat’s name, swears on Harman Singh.

Raavi asks what is this? Heer says Mata rani will choose. Harak Singh says my choice is conclusive. Heer says just she will take the choice. Preeto tells Harak Singh that in the event that tail comes, at that point choice will be in support of us. Heer comes to Mata Rani and requests that her help them. Preeto appeals to God and says I realize their adoration is valid, however you know why we don’t need this union.

Sant baksh reveals to Virat that Heer adores his surname, cash, house and extravagance. He asks what you have that any young lady will adore you. Virat says if so then reclaim your name, distinction and all riches. He says what you will take me, I myself is leaving all your riches. He requests that he get it distributed in the papers, get the banners glued on the divider in city, tells media that I have left everything for Heer. He says we will do all the estimations for his family. Parmeet approaches in the event that he will figure for nurturing’s affection moreover. Virat says no, it can’t be determined, reviews Parmeet extorting him and tells that on the off chance that mother resembles you who works with her child, at that point that mother’s adoration is of no cost. Sant Baksh blows up and says you are dead for us. We have only one child, tosses him out of the house and shuts the entryway.

Virat thinks on the off chance that I had gone out previously, at that point Heer would have been with me. He thinks how the individuals who remain in disdain dividers will get love. Heer goes to Mata Rani and flips the coin in air. Everybody get stunned seeing head. Shanno grins evilly. Soham grins for Heer. Preeto takes a gander at Heer. Heer inquires as to whether they saw and says Mata Rani has acknowledged our connection. She requests that they concur. Harak Singh says life’s choices are unrealistic by flipping the coin. She says you are little and won’t see now. He says we don’t comprehend this marriage. Heer says I heard that you was acclaimed for taking significant choices. Soham asks Harak Singh to consent to Heer’s pleadings. Rohan asks Soham not to meddle. Soham asks him not to stop him, says on the off chance that we have just obligation to protector her. He says Heer is arguing infront of us to concur and all of you are remaining here as stones. He says our solitary sister needs to get hitched in sanctuary and says she is simply asking Virat. Heer says why you are not tolerating Virat and asks Preeto to determine what was the deal? Preeto cries. Shanno believes that today you will say that Heer is a kinnar. Heer asks Preeto to state for what good reason she would prefer not to consent to her marriage and requests that her state. Preeto says as you are a kinnar? Heer gets stunned. Shanno grins evilly.

Precap: Heer keeps blade on her neck. Virat comes there. Harak Singh shoots at Virat. Everybody gets stunned. Heer looks on stunned.


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