Shakti 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Heer Gives Flower To Virat On Rose Day


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The Episode begins with Dadu and Virat seeing Heer on the window. Dadu says again on the window..and asks Virat to assist her with coming up. Heer comes up and welcomes Dadu. Virat inquires as to whether she is distraught? Dadu says I have seen just because, that somebody came to approach answer for her inquiries. He says I will stick out and goes. Virat inquires as to why she is so brave, climbed the channel once more. Heer says she needs to do to find her solutions and says she will go. Virat says sorry and approaches her to remain for some additional time. Heer inquires as to why? Virat says when you are with me, I like it. He says when you scaled the channel, my breath stalls out. She inquires as to why he came rushing to school. He is going to state.

Heer requests that he compose and answer her. Virat composes the appropriate responses and says I will drop you home. Heer requests that he read it and says she has a lot of time. He says I have answered to your inquiries, yet I will answer to you for the inquiries you haven’t posed to me. He says thanks to her for making him as her companion, for making his high contrast life beautiful, says he feels choked here and says thanks to her for giving him harmony. He says I am terrified when you come here, yet I take a natural air and go out with you. He says express gratitude toward Heer Singh for filling grins and charm and for making his exhausting life energizing. He expresses gratitude toward her and says gives up.

Heer expresses gratitude toward him for turning into her companion and tells that when she was in tenth class, she gave a note to her companion Harry and that note was gotten. She says he didn’t state anybody that he had likewise given me note. She tells that I was terrified that you will offer note to Veer ji, however you didn’t do that. She says I will keep this note securely with me. He says gives up. They sit on the bicycle and are going. Heer asks what is the time? He says 11:45 pm. Heer says we will go to your preferred spot. He says alright. They go there. He inquires as to whether any of her 256 wishes are satisfied. Heer says I came here for some other explanation and inquires as to whether it is 12. He says yes. Heer gives him rose and says glad rose day. Virat asks rose day. Heer says don’t disclose to me that you don’t know rose day and says she is offering rose to somebody just because. Virat takes the rose and says bless your heart. Heer says you will give me rose in kind and says he is exhausting. Virat says he is stuck in house decides and tells that he guarantee that he will bring numerous roses for her. Heer requests that he tie rose in her hairs. He is reluctant. Heer inquires as to whether he didn’t do that previously and encourages him. He attaches blossom to her hair. Pehla nasha plays… .They leave from that point and get back home.

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Heer takes out blossom from her hair and says she will keep it securely consistently. Shanno is in her room and gets some information about Virat. Heer says he gave her bloom and tells about his family. She says she needs to make him grin and snicker, everything. Shanno requests that her rest and says on the off chance that anybody sees, at that point it will be tricky. Heer thinks just because, somebody gave me rose formally. Virat additionally ponders her. tu hey mera khuda plays… ..

Sant baksh and Daljeet are practicing in the recreation center. Sant Baksh inquires as to why you didn’t capture that young lady and her siblings. Daljeet says he needed to, however Virat changed his announcement. Sant Baksh says if Virat likes that young lady. Virat keeps blossoms in his sack and thinks to praise rose day with Heer. He asks Gurwinder to give him breakfast and tells that he will be glad. Sant Baksh advises that he needs to meet the young lady today itself, takes his telephone, requests that he eat quick till he changes garments and returns. Gurwinder gives him breakfast. Dadu comes there and tells that Heer and you will be as one. Virat requests that he determine what is the arrangement. Dadu says he will do puja and asks him not to take school sack with him as Sant baksh is oversensitive to individuals’ bliss. Virat sits in the jeep and gets stressed. Dadu comes infront of Heer’s jeep and advises Rohan and Soham to prevent Heer from going infront of Sant Baksh. Soham asks who right? Dadu says he is Virat’s granddad. He says Sant baksh won’t leave all of you. Heer figures she can’t go infront of him.

Rohan says when we haven’t done anything incorrectly then for what reason to flee. Heer says I would prefer not to go infront of him and tells that everything is arranged after Virat gave the announcement. Soham inquires as to whether she is terrified. Heer tells that she don’t need any difficulties and tells that Harak Singh and Preeto will get stressed. Dadu says Heer is more understanding than you both. Rohan says on the off chance that we don’t do school today, at that point Sant baksh will come tomorrow. Dadu says yes. Heer thanks dadu and tells that she will deal with everything.

Precap: Nutan makes Virat have desserts and petitions God for their Jodi. She proceeds to remain with Kinnars. Virat asks Heer for what valid reason Nutan is remaining with them. Heer says she is a kinnar. Virat shows scorn for her. Heer breaks her companionship with him.


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