Shakti 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Chameli To Scare Heer Showing Kinnar’s Sanskar Ritual


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The Episode begins with Saya revealing to Chameli that she acknowledges. Chameli holds her hand and requests that her make Soumya comprehend that this life isn’t for Heer. Preeto gets back home and reviews Heer asking Nek. Raavi discloses to her that Bau ji isn’t eating anything, Inspector called and said that he won’t eat until you meet him. Preeto says in the event that there is no chance to get for heer till tomorrow, at that point I can’t pardon myself. She calls chameli and requests that her hear cautiously. Chameli says I will make game plans today around evening time.

Soumya makes Heer and Rohan have milk. Chameli brings a kinnar young lady Nutan and says this is your new house structure today. Everybody takes a gander at them. Heer gets some information about the young lady. Chameli says she is Nutan, new kinnar. Presently she will remain with us and asks Nutan to come inside. She asks Nutan to welcome her. Nutan applauds like kinnars and welcome Saya. Saya favors her. Chameli says I will make you meet everybody. Soumya figures for what reason did Chameli bring the young lady here? Preeto thinks Nutan more likely than not came to there at this point. Auditor calls Preeto and tells that Harak Singh isn’t eating nourishment and requests that her discussion to him. Harak Singh accepts the call and advises that he can stand to be in the prison, however can’t hold up under her contempt. Preeto asks her not to act every day and requests that her kill her. She parts of the bargains. She acquaints Nutan with different kinnars and Heer. Nutan inquires as to whether heer is a kinnar. Heer tells that she isn’t kinnar, yet accompanied Gulabo. She says Gulabo says that I resemble her. Saya says you said right. Nutan asks who is Gulabo? Heer says this is my Gulabo? Nutan inquires as to whether she is a kinnar.

Heer reviews Soumya preparing as a kinnar and discloses to Nutan that Gulabo isn’t kinnar, so why she is calling her kinnar. She says this is my Gulabo. Chameli says Nutan is new and requests that her become a close acquaintence with her. She asks Heer to take Nutan to see the house. Heer holds her hand and takes her inside the house. Saya gets some information about her new show. Chameli says this isn’t acting and gets some information about Nutan’s sanskar. Saya says Sanskar won’t occur now. She says just Guru maa does the sanskar and I will not do it now. Chameli says on the off chance that Guru maa won’t, at that point second position kinnar do the sanskar. She says she will do Nutan’s Sanskar tonjght itself. Saya says anything you desire to do, will be tomorrow. The kinnars supporting Chameli tell that sanskar will happen today around evening time itself. Heer and Nutan turn out. Saya asks Soumya to take her inside. Heer says she is playing with Nutan.

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Chameli says she needs to make Nutan prepared for her Sanskar, tells that now she can’t play. Heer gets some information about the sanskar. Chameli says it is something extraordinary, Nutan will get the chance to wear new garments, move, desserts and so forth. Heer gets cheerful and says even I am a young lady, my sanskar will happen as well. Chameli says Soumya will choose if your sanskar will occur or not. Heer inquires as to whether her Sanskar will occur? She says I need to wear new garments and spruce up like a lady of the hour. She requests that her do her sanskar. Soumya says stop it and heads inside. Heer says I preceded Nutan, why my sanskar isn’t going on. Chameli asks the kinnars to call different Gurumaas and tells that Heer will see other Nutan’s sanskar today. She believes Preeto’s thought may work and we will win the wager today.

Heer asks Soumya when her sanskar will occur? Soumya asks her not to be difficult and requests that her go. Heer goes. Saya comes there and tells that they have time till morning, tells that they will make Heer comprehend and enlighten her concerning her fact. She requests that her take Heer from here today around evening time and will acquire her the morning. Preeto calls Soumya and requests that her put the approach amplifier. She reveals to Saya that on the off chance that they are thinking to take Heer out for this evening, at that point will think about their wager. She says in the event that I needed, at that point would have sent her out of Gurdaspur. She says I wish Param Guru maa and my adarsh bahu won’t send anyplace. Saya inquires as to whether we are losing the wager. Chameli sees Heer and thinks night is staying still to win the wager.

Soumya comes to Heer and sits. Heer gets up and is disturbed. Soumya stimulates her. Heer embraces her. Chameli takes a gander at them. Saya says in the event that Soumya is doing well for Heer, at that point make her effective, I don’t need heer’s life to be excruciating as of Soumya. Preeto requests that God make Heer’s future.

Precap: Soumya moves in the sanskar work. Later Heer sees kinnars applying make up to Nutan and asks Preeto to remove her from that point.


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