Shakti 12th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Sant Baksh Punishes Virat


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The Episode begins with Sant Baksh asking Virat to sit in the jeep. Virat says I will drop without anyone else. Sant Baksh requests that Constable cause him to sit in jeep. Virat is going with constable. Heer discloses to them that they were driving vehicle wrongly and inquires as to why you are taking him coercively from here. Sant Baksh takes a gander at her and asks who right? Heer says she is resident of India and knows to speak loudly against foul play. Virat asks her not to come inbetween father and child. Heer acknowledges he is Virat’s father. Virat sits in the jeep. Sant Baksh approaches Heer to talk less for herself, her folks and for her would be parents in law. He goes to jeep and sits. Heer begins strolling towards the school and stops. Virat takes a gander at her as they are leaving. Heer thinks today she saw his dad additionally, thinks if his family is all frantic, how he bears them, similar to I manage my siblings. She thinks to go before her siblings come. She turns and takes a gander at Soham who is standing infront of her. He asks what are you doing here? Heer asks what you are doing here? Soham says he didn’t see the young lady. Heer says I came here looking here.

Soham says lets go to other talk. Heer appeals to God for Virat. Sant Baksh brings Virat home and pushes him. He asks what is the day today? Parmeet says mangalwar. Virat says Tuesday. Sant Baksh asks what you was doing out and about during class timings. Parmeet gives him shikangi. Dadu tells that talk may be late. Sant Baksh says on the off chance that he don’t comprehend his obligation, at that point how he will become discipline. Daljeet says he contends with mother as well. Sant Baksh asks him for what reason he does such things? Parmeet requests that he do as father says. Dadu requests that he go to his room. Sant Baksh requests that he arrive at school in 15 mins and go to the following talk. Virat is going to take the bicycle keys, yet Sant Baksh requests that he run and arrive at the school. Dadu says how? Parmeet says he will know to esteem time. Virat looks at the time and runs. Dadu says he regards you and that is the reason he is quiet. He asks him not to make Virat frightened. Sant Baksh says when I saw you in Police uniform, I needed to become cop. He says on the off chance that I had strolled on your way, at that point wouldn’t be right now. Virat runs out and about. Daljeet carries document and provides for Sant Baksh.

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Rohan turns out and asks what they are doing here? Soham tells that a young lady was taking relentless so teacher halted the talk. Heer sees Virat running inside quick and says what befell him. Soham says what you have to do with him. Heer says he may reveal to I love you to other young lady. Soham says you don’t have anything to do with him. Heer figures for what reason did he come running. Virat arrives at the school at 11:15 am. His companion requests that he drink water and says it appears your father returned and rebuffed you. Other companion tells that Virat satisfies his father discipline with such a lot of commitment. Teacher comes there and advises Sant Baksh available to come back to work that Virat arrived at school. Simran brings lemon water for Sant baksh. Sant Baksh solicits her not to be apprehensive from him. He asks Parmeet to give him detail report about Virat and chastens her. Simran requests that he taste the lemon water. He tastes it and says it resembles my girl. Simran grins. He asks Parmeet to state.

Harak Singh discloses to Parmeet that he is looking employment for Heer. Preeto solicits what is the utilization from doing work around then. Harak Singh says let her remain on her feet and become solid.

Soham look through the young lady calling him. Heer requests that he ask the young lady who was looking through him. Soham inquires as to whether any young lady was looking through him. Heer sits on the seat and sits tight for Virat. Virat comes. Rohan is originating from other course. Heer thinks how to converse with Virat infront of her siblings. She composes a letter for Virat. Soham and Rohan come there. Heer says dust is stuck all over and wipes her face with tissue. Rohan watches Heer marking Virat to pick the letter which she has tossed down the canister. Virat signs her alright. Soham brings the jeep. Heer and Rohan sit in it. Rohan and Heer see Virat picking the letter. Heer grins. Rohan asks Soham to stop the jeep and says he has overlooked scratch pad in the class. Heer thinks if Veer ji sees that note and says she will likewise come. Rohan requests that her be there. Heer thinks if Veer ji got dubious. Virat peruses the letter and grins. Simply then he sees Rohan standing infront of him. Heer likewise takes a gander at Rohan going to Virat and gets stunned. Heer thinks you are no more. Rohan asks what is written right now.

Precap: Preeto asks Heer to sign hands on application. Harak Singh marks sex as others. Heer discloses to Preeto that she is female.


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