Shakti 11th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Heer And Virat Enjoy A Night Outing


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The Episode begins with Virat attempting to stop Heer and she falls on him. They have an eye lock. Tu hello mera khuda plays… Dadu comes there and grins seeing them. They find a good pace. Dadu inquires as to whether she is Heer and commendations her. He inquires as to whether she is via web-based networking media? Virat says stop it and asks Heer to experience the window. Heer inquires as to whether anybody can do this with his companion and tells that she was concerned for him and that is the reason came. Virat says we are companions in school, however not here. Heer requests that he drop her outside through entryway and holds his hand. Dadu requests that he drop her outside. They descend the stairs. Parmeet is coming there and says ouch as her foot twists. Virat and Heer get alarm and take cover behind the column. He keeps his hand on her mouth and asks her not to say anything. He says on the off chance that Maa sees us, at that point will slaughter us both and moves hand from her mouth. Tu hello there mera khuda plays… .Heer is going to go out, however crashes into a container. Parmeet asks who is there? Dadu comes there and requests that her lift the punching sack? She inquires as to whether he needs to lift this right now. Dadu occupies her consideration with the goal that they can leave.

Heer and Virat go out. Heer reveals to Virat that Dadu is acceptable. Virat takes his bicycle out quietly and afterward requests that her sit. She attempts to sit, yet couldn’t sit. He inquires as to whether she never sit on the bicycle. She says she sat in jeep and vehicle. Virat says I will show you and requests that her hold his hand and sit on it. He requests that her hold him else she will fall. Heer sits on the bicycle and gets upbeat. She requests that he stop the bicycle and says they will talk here for at some point, and says it is one among her 256 wishes. He says he will take her to one such place, where he goes when alone. Heer looks on. He inquires as to whether she don’t confide in him. Heer says she confides in him. She sits on the bicycle again and they go to a specific spot. Virat keeps hand on her eyes and afterward requests that her see. She sees fireflies shimmering and the lake there. She says it is one among her desires. Virat takes a gander at her and grins. She says lets sit and talk. Heer asks what befell your DJ player. Virat asks how could you know? Heer says it was not in your room. Virat says Veer ji broke it and afterward… .He keeps talking. Heer dozes and falls on his chest. He sees the messed up star and wishes that he will get Heer’s fellowship for until the end of time. Heer in rest says even me. Virat grins.

Preeto awakens reviewing slapping Heer. Harak Singh asks what was the deal? Preeto says she isn’t feeling acceptable as Heer is annoyed with her. Harak Singh asks her not to stress. He says we have accomplished such a great deal for her. He says she used to pose numerous inquiries which we was unable to reply. A fb is appeared, Heer getting some information about clean cushions. Sindhu says we use it after marriage. Preeto requests that her proceed to contemplate. Sindhu reveals to Preeto that she don’t have the foggiest idea what to reply. Harak Singh says you need to accomplish something. Preeto says from today, TV, web and versatile won’t be utilized at home. Fb closes. Preeto tells Harak Singh that she will lay down with Heer for at some point and afterward she will pardon her. Virat asks Heer to find a workable pace it is 2:30 am. Heer requests that he let her rest and requests that he rest as well. Virat grins. Preeto thumps on the entryway requesting that her open. Raavi comes there and requests that her come, says Heer must be resting. Preeto checks from the window and goes. Shanno is dozing on Heer’s place and finds a workable pace. Heer comes there and embraces Shanno saying thanks to her. Shanno thinks she has made her great little girl awara/transient.

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Virat awakens in his room hearing the bhajan and inquires as to why you cause them to do your puja mata rani. He asks Mata rani to let him rest for some additional time. he discovers Heer’s studs on the floor and reviews it is of her. Dadu comes there. Virat grins. Dadu comes there and says it is amazing that you woke up hearing the bhajan and grinning. Virat says I was thinking something and takes Heer’s studs in her grasp. Dadu requests that he set off for college and return hoop to Heer. Virat says how to go? Dadu says I will accomplish something. He goes out and asks Virat to attend a university. Daljeet says Virat isn’t heading off to college. Dadu says I had skilled him DJ player. Daljeet says you are a resigned cop and talented him DJ player. Dadu says I was Police official and have seen my child and terrific child turning out to be cop. He says he needs to see Virat turning out to be something different. Daljeet asks him not to meddle. Virat inquires as to whether Dadu has no privilege to state anything. Dadu asks Virat to prepare to attend a university.

A person in school offers bundle to Soham and tells that the young lady sitting in the library offered bunch to him. Soham says I have no young lady companion. Heer prods him. Soham goes to see the young lady. Virat comes there and tells that he had requested that the person offer bunch to Soham. Heer says you are dumb to offer bundle to my sibling. Virat says he brought uncommon thing for her and returns her studs. Heer says thanks to him. He says he don’t need regular thank and will acknowledge Vanilla flavor much obliged. He says we will have vanilla frozen yogurt in the shop and says we will return till your sibling returns.

Parmeet educates Daljeet that his Papa’s flight have landed. Heer and Virat have dessert. He asks what is she thinking? Heer says did you have frozen yogurt while running. Virat says who does this. Heer says we need to run and have frozen yogurt and whoever’s dessert falls, loses. He figures she will make him frantic. Heer runs while Virat runs behind her. His father is coming in the police keep and quits seeing Virat running on street. Heer and Virat quit running. Virat gets stunned seeing him and drops his frozen yogurt on ground.

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