Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 7th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Chedilal unknowingly says awful things to Sargam’s mother

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Chedilal pleads with Asthik to come out and not be afraid however Asthik says that he would never come out of this world, Chedilal warns Alukik to not say such awful things because he would otherwise he would have to throw him out of the house, Sargam asks why is he blaming Alukik, Chedilal explains that he in the morning explained that he was getting vibes and called Asthik to say that he might get married which scared him and he is now sitting in the bathroom, Chedilal warns that they only have a single bathroom and he must come out however Asthik mentions that he can stay ion the bathroom for an entire year.

Sargam takes the clothes to the roof, Alukik is sitting and standing in the drum pleading with the vibes to come to him, Sargam tries to reason with him however he explains that he has understood what she would say and she would try to reason with him to not work on the vibes but he already knows this, Sargam leaves them both.

Appu comes dressed as a mummy and then scares Sargam, she asks what is the matter because everyone is trying to scare her since the morning, Appu explains that he disguised himself as a mummy to give an audition and the director really liked his acting so he is sure that he would get the role, however Alukik exclaims that he would not get the role, Appu gets mad so taking him out of the drum sends him away, he says to Sargam that the director really liked his acting so was watching the audition over and over again, Alukik once again says that he would not get the role from downstairs, Appu scolds him, Sargam then hands him the clothes, instructing him place them on the wire to dry.

Eklawya is sitting with Grandfather trying to explain that his intestines are clogged together which is why he is not able to attend the bathroom, Alukik comes saying that he is getting the vibes that Eklawya will get a beating, Grandfather sends him away, Alukik exclaims that no one cares for his vibes.

Asha is watering the plants, he sees Pinki jee coming with a bucket of water, he sees the scooty so asks why she has parked it in front of their house even when he has warned her to not park it in front of their house because it causes problems, Pinki jee questions if he goes into the house using the window because she doesnot park in front of their entrance gate. Asha sees that the water has stopped so he turns the pipe towards his face but suddenly the water gushes out, completely wetting his shirt, Pinki jee bursts in laughter, Asha is amazed as the water once again stops, Eklawya is trying to explain so is turning the water pipe, Asha after getting wet enters the house in anger, he starts beating Eklawya who reveals that he was just trying to explain how the intestines work to their Grandfather, Asha mentions there is no point in understanding the theory if he cannot apply it, Alukik coming to Eklawya says that he is getting the vibes that Eklawya will not be beaten anymore.

Asthik thanks the neighbour, Sargam asks Asha how did he come out who says that he came out after a long time because Guru jee gave him a new idea, then Asthik asks Asha to say it again, he also asks Sargam to say it, she says that he will not get married today, Chedilal also comes wearing a new dress they all ask why is he wearing the dress, he mentions that today is the meeting of the sarree association and then should look good otherwise it would cause a lot of problems, Alukik warns Chedilal to not go out of the house as it is not safe, he replies that if he doesnot go then it would be even worse, Chedilal doesnot even believe his vibes. Appu also comes saying that they should not listen because he said to him in the morning that he would not get the role but he has got the call that he has been shortlisted, Eklawya and Asha however say that he is not always wrong, Asha mentions how he stopped him when he was going for the function, however he did not listen to him so got in a lot of trouble, Chedilal says he was not able to live happily because of his own actions.

Chedilal leaves with Appu, Alukik is constantly trying to warn them but they leave, Sargam also asks him to stop acting so weird because her mother is coming and if she sees him then would be really angry.

Chedilal is walking with Appu saying that he should have changed into the new dress after they reached the function, as it would have saved the cost of washing it, he asks Appu to bring a new comb without paying it, Sargam is on a call with her mother, she is driving and is really frustrated about the narrow roads of Ghaziabad, she explains that she has sent a lot of requests but the authorities do not listen, she is about to hit a cycle rickshaw, Sargam asks what happened, she replies that he parked his cycle in the middle of the road, Chedilal is standing when Sargam’s mother tuns her car, scaring Chedilal who stumbles on the ladder causing the colour to fall on him, he shouts bad names at her.

Lata jee is sitting in the car when the neighbour asks what has she done to the poor guy, she apologizes and then finally sees that it is Asthik, she apologizes to him and he instead starts seeking her blessings, Sargam is applying medicine on Asthik, Lata je is constantly apologizing, Sargam asks her mother that she should not have diverted her attention as it caused the accident, Alukik brings water for her however she refuses to take it seeing how he is holding it, Alukik constantly asks her to drink it however she declines, she sits beside Asthik who gets up asking her to sit.

Appu comes into the house, he takes the bucket of water and when they ask what it is for, he mentions it is for the cow which has come outside their house, Lata je gets shocked and sits down.

Chedilal asks Appu if the stain has washed, he then asks Appu to bring soap to wash the clothes, Appu however explains that he brought the bucket by saying that there was a cow so how would he bring the soap, he explains that he has asked Asha, he comes with the clothes asking what has happened, Appu explains that he is the same person who said those awful things to Lata je, Asha asks he is the reason Asthik got into the accident.

Chedilal enters the house with Appu and Asha, he greets Lata je mentioning that he went out for some work but had to come back and then once again leave, she is confused, he asks regarding the incident, she explains that there was a man who said a lot of bad things relating to women driving in the crowd, he even said that girls should not drive, Sargam also comes to her side hearing what he said against women, Asthik advises that once they get the person responsible then should beat him, he gets angry and asks all of his brothers to beat the culprit not knowing that the culprit is his father, Chedilal says that he is going too far however he says that it should be the case with such a person. Alukik asks what he can do, Asthik advises him to talk with the culprit once he is dead.

Precap: Sargam says that the incident happened outside the jewellers and they would get the footage in the morning, Asthik calls to warn them that Sargam and Lata je are about to see his face in thirty seconds.