Santoshi Maa 25th February 2020 Written Episode Update – Swati & Indresh Perform House Warming Pooja.


Santoshi Maa 25th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The scene begins with polomi comes calling devraj indra her better half and reviling him saying I don’t need this status of devlok’s lady and as indra shows up then she clarifies about her issues with santoshi mata so indra reveals to her I had disclosed to you before too to not to meddle with santoshi mata’s work or did you earned me for this and he is revealing to her I have no time now yet she cautions him about her disquiet and he also advises her to not to drive him as I am required by my military however she will not hear him out and becomes obstinate then he chooses to go with her to swami’s place.

Swati’s mom reveals to her sibling to take some nourishment for swati while he discloses to her for what reason wouldn’t they be able to remain in indresh’s dad’s home as it’s his home as well while her dad comes disclosing him to not to unveil anything about our whereabouts and additionally it is difficult to look after relations. He additionally discloses her mom to not to send this nourishment now and let them remain as they wish which is beneficial for them itself to battle all wrongs.

Indresh’s grandma is conversing with his dad while his another sibling also comes telling about how they manufactured the house with assistance of certain works. Indresh’s mom is feeling uncomfortable with her child indresh on the off chance that he more likely than not eaten nourishment or no while his dad tosses nourishment on her legs and yells her advising his little girl in-law to keep her quiet inside the room without nourishment.

Indresh’s dad is advising his other child to go and look through them or don’t get back home with hardly a penny.

Indresh is chatting with swati about no cash left and how to handle tomorrow while swati too quiets him affectionately and he gets quality of adoration for work to do. Swati takes out one cover from her sack to rest together while indresh talks affectionately with her to satisfy her and the two of them rest messing with one another.

Indresh’s mom awakens his dad while he finds a good pace and yells her while she reveals to him I was holding up since so long preparing then he reviles her however asks her do you shower before coming here then she answers in the event that at all I am debilitated, at that point too I shower and come then he says why indresh’s introduction to the world is like this at that point.

Indresh awakens seeing swati resting and gets ready espresso for her and wakes her to have espresso while she is content with him. She applauds his espresso and he discloses to her now I’ll go out for work while she guides him to not to take cash on name of your dad since I wish to begin our home existence with moral income of our own. Indresh asks cash on credit and as one of them gives on name of his dad then he rejects it.

Swati is cleaning and she discovers gold coins while she reminds what mata santoshi had said. They mastermind Pooja while swati is getting uncomfortable for santoshi mata to come however her dad clarifies her she will come yet to focus on Pooja.

Polomi and indra ask gurudev how our issues will evaporate and he instructs them to doing contemplation is answer for your issues.

Swati inquires as to why sister santoshi didn’t come then her mom advises her to finish the Pooja first while she may come. Swati petitions God for mata santoshi to come and favor our new house and she comes behind her and goes into the house while swati and all are amazed and mata calls them inside with Pooja thaal and all go into the house.

Indresh’s dad is chatting with indresh’s photograph reminding about he said that he cherished him extreme yet can’t disregard swati when guaranteed in marriage and he says I also love you without a doubt however can’t hold up under this young lady in your life.

Precap: Devi polomi gets some information about devi santoshi ought not cross my arrangements and mahadev says you both have performed reflection together so your arrangements won’t be crossed by devi santoshi in the event that you execute together connected at the hip. Indresh tells his mom I have brought Prasad of Pooja performed while she reveals to him my significant other sees poison right now can’t acknowledge then he discloses to her this isn’t to be returned yet in the event that you don’t wish to eat, at that point discard.


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