Santoshi Maa 24th February 2020 Written Episode Update – Swati & Indresh Build House With Help Of Mata Santoshi.


Santoshi Maa 24th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The scene begins with indresh battling with the scalawags and individually hitting them while meanwhile a few scoundrels seize swati and indresh cautions them yet mata santoshi desires help to whip them. They caution mata while mata says I am worried about this young lady and dev rishi acclaims mata.

The villain head is advising his assistant to assault mata however as he holds her stick he is stunned and he advises everyone to run from her and swati asks mata what occurred as they fled and she clarifies her yet indresh tells mata they were sent by my dad and mata asks them what are you doing here then indresh discloses to her we are on trial of our affection and she instructs him to tag along as I’ll also support you.

They all are organizing to assemble home with different materials masterminded by mata. Mahadev is conversing with paravati mata about what this is going on and asks what you think and she commends his reasoning.

Dev rishi comes calling mahadev to tag along to earth for help of mata santoshi as this open door comes less in times. They all go together to help mata, swati and indresh. Indresh attempts to stop them however paravti mata is trying them while santoshi mata comprehends and swati permits them to help on tolerating to give them stomach brimming with nourishment for this assistance.

Polomi is turning out to be uncomfortable seeing this and her witness are affecting her while she yells them and calling her devendra saying how bad form is going on with me so to some for help.

They finished their assistance and request nourishment as indresh and swati gives them nourishment. They acclaim their neighborliness while mahadev in camouflage approach them for more nourishment and swati advises indresh to bring more nourishment for him and he continues asking more nourishment while all are shocked and mahadev signals mata santoshi. Mahadev requests more nourishment yet indresh denies and mahadev discloses to him you had guaranteed you will give stomach full nourishment then indresh reveals to him I don’t have cash for nourishment now and mata santoshi is flagging mahadev while he quiets her and as mahadev attempts to caution him swati stops mahadev and advises indresh to take this mangalsutra to sell and bring nourishment for them and clarifies about mangalsutra’s significance. As swati attempts to take out the mangalsutra then she is halted by mata paravati in mask and advises mahadev to find a good pace him along clarifying him. Indresh is reprimanding swati of giving nourishment to anyone while santoshi mata is quieting and clarifying indresh.

Mata paravati gets irritated griping mahadev however mahadev clarifies her it was accomplished for prosperity of swati who is aficionado of santoshi. Dev rishi is discussing disarray of mahadev’s reasoning while mata paravati clarifies him.

Precap: Swati and indresh perform ceremonies of house warming. Indresh’s sibling is reviling him did your better half fled then he clarifies them not about not fleeing however house warming Prasad is brought for you. His dad is reviling him about acquiring hole relations.


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