Santoshi Maa 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update – Swati Is Harassed In Various Ways While Indresh Supports Her.


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The scene begins with Indresh’s dad and his both child’s go with him to do Pooja.

Devi polomi call a lady and a man revealing to them you need to go to indresh’s dad’s place to make unsettling influences and they dispense.

Swati asks her mom how to make masala tea and she clarifies so swati discloses to her I’ll make a similar tea today for everyone.

Indresh’s dad is doing Pooja on street while a lady is mishandling him saying his child has hitched without his consent and here he is doing Pooja indicating his so great picture yet his child’s are halting her however she doesn’t so while indresh’s dad arrives at stop her notice her I’ll slap you then a man stops him saying for what reason are you lifting hand’s on a ladies where rather your child isn’t right on his part and misuses him of his child being malicious.

Little girl in-law comes to upset swati in kitchen while she advises her to not to do this then she attempts to utilize her hands yet swati rather fights back and she is stunned.

Dev rishi acknowledges of swati with mata santoshi that she is certainly competent to face such circumstances now.

Swati is disclosing her to not to this as I also am the part as you. She circumvents the house crying and yelling that her hand is broken by this young lady so grandma reveals to her you could had broken her mouth so she discloses to her I need to see about the picture of our family too then indresh’s mom discloses to her I’ll whine about her to indresh’s dad now.

Indresh’s dad comes accusing about indresh to everyone while his little girl lets him know here too this young lady has broken his child’s significant other then swati says I didn’t do anything besides I halted her and she is telling indresh too that you ought to trust me then indresh bolsters her and his dad advises his another child to call her folks and ask him is this the way of life instructed to their little girl then swati thinks not to upset guardians and swati guides him to not to call my folks and I acknowledge my misstep which will never happen again. So indresh’s dad reviles her idiom as she has come right now have begun now so we need to consider it.

Three ladies come saying who is indresh’s significant other let we also observe and as they see her they are reviling her then indresh stops them and removes swati from that point and they again state that see he has become spouse’s gatekeeper while his dad instructs them to leave and they leave reviling him.

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Indresh’s dad is yelling his significant other and all to give nourishment now.

Swati asks indresh for what reason you brought me here and what all will think then he says let them think anything other than reveal to me why you deceived father then she discloses to him I had done this very he finds a workable pace not to trick me and come clean so mentions to him what happened in reality then he discloses to her now you make tea and I’ll offer it to all then she lets him know not to battle with anyone so he says I won’t.

Grandma is disclosing indresh’s dad to not to get hyper while indresh brings tea advising his dad to have tea and we’ll contend later so he takes and indresh offers everyone so all take while swati asks mata santoshi about such a decent spouse I have like indresh who attempts to join relations pleasantly.

Indresh advises everyone to have tea while I’ll bring Pooja materials as today is swati’s quick of mata santoshi. Indresh’s dad stops indresh revealing to him that you may have become darling however we won’t be tricked so on the off chance that at all she offers me unadulterated water, at that point too I won’t have from her and he tosses tea cup while all do the equivalent and swati gets stunned with feelings.

Indresh says what is this you have done however it doesn’t mind as from tomorrow swati won’t get ready tea now as no cups will break and he advises swati to clean this while I’ll bring Pooja materials and all dispense while swati feels exceptionally terrible whatever occurred.

Swati is cleaning while indresh’s dad is thinking about the past what had occurred since his marriage so he call police disclosing to them I have to document FIR.

Precap: Indresh’s sister discloses to her mom that swati has kept mata santoshi’s statue in sanctuary then little girl in-law says to discard however swati is attempting to stop at that point indresh’s mom reveals to her girl to hold under that tree while mata comprehends and swati is sitting close to statue and indresh’s mom discloses to her your statue won’t be kept in our sanctuary from now on while indresh’s dad says now this young lady will likewise not put her legs in our home and cautions her to remain away consequently which is viewed by indresh as well.


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