Santoshi Maa 11th February 2020 Written Episode Update – Indresh Marries Swati Without His Parents Involved


Santoshi Maa 11th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The scene begins with Indresh is getting hitched with swati in mata santoshi’s sanctuary and both accept favors from her as dev rishi and mata santoshi are favoring her while devi Polomi is manhandling and thinking how to handle and get unsettling influences santoshi’s picture and powers as I won’t permit indresh’s union with occur with swati.

Mata santoshi is asking both swati and indresh while dev rishi too favors them as the two of them are getting hitched in her sanctuary and behind comes swati’s parent’s colloquialism are you getting hitched alone without parent’s and swati is stunned to see her folks so her mom comes clean with her about on the off chance that indresh wouldn’t had educated, at that point we wouldn’t had thought about it and they favor both and their marriage performs.

Nidhi’s dad yells her furiously how our companionship can decimated as a result of you so you will have get hitched to indresh itself and he takes her along pulling her while polomi is stunned that swati’s marriage is performed and devi polomi discharges her malicious forces from nidhi’s dad’s head and he gets quieted telling his girl that in the event that you don’t wish to get hitched with him, at that point I won’t and nidhi gets astonished how this occurred.

Dev rishi tells mata santoshi when this polomi will comprehend the genuine estimation of adoration and when she’ll stop her malevolent demonstrations yet santoshi reveals to him she won’t ever as once insidiousness will continue doing detestable acts as it were.

Polomi’s witnesses state to not to disparage polomi at all as her forces emerge again with new insidiousness acts.

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Swati is watching her home of her folks leaving genuinely while her mom is attempting to support her and indresh persuades them to not to get terrified and will cherish her the most extreme more than myself and will deal with her and they leave from that point inwardly.

Indresh’s family are examining about anyway occurred however need to accomplish something and his dad says it was my error falling in their affection edge or all things would had happened easily and his little girl guides him to pick nidhi and play out indresh’s marriage while little girl in-law sees and says there is no need as he is as of now wedded and see accompanying laurels around his neck. All are stunned to see him and asking indresh what is this show and he is attempting to clarify him telling when your decision of young lady offended us so I got hitched with her and he is manhandling and offending swati seriously however indresh is again attempting to persuade his dad clarifying him about swati and her folks are generally excellent family yet I am malevolent so to acknowledge her and pardon us yet he is inflexible advising his other child to toss him out house and indresh yells I won’t go anyplace from here so his dad yells asking him what you said so he again says that swati’s entrance will occur here itself and there is constantly a fantasy of a young lady that once wedded the young lady should remain with her spouses and parents in law house itself.

Precap: Indresh’s dad furiously brings firearm and hold towards swati notice in the event that you attempt to come inside, at that point I’ll shoot her down here itself.


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