Sanjivani 21st February 2020 Written Episode Update: Drunk NV Confesses Love


Sanjivani 21st February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Bebe asking Ishani to swear and state reality. Ishani says please pardon me, I needed to conceal reality, yet I can’t deceive you, whatever you heard is valid. Bebe cries. Ishani says excuse me, I can’t alter my perspective this time. NV asks Bebe not to think and simply rest. Bebe says my youngsters’ home is breaking, how might I rest, Ishani you respect me mum, you chose this and demonstrated that you don’t respect me mum by heart. Ishani says no Bebe. Specialist comes and says you can take her home, her report is ordinary. NV expresses profound gratitude.

Sid considers Ishani. Rahil makes espresso. Sid says Ishani and I have lovely recollections with nescafe. NV and Ishani bring Bebe home. He asks Bebe not to take pressure, they will talk tomorrow. Bebe remains pitiful. Ishani requests that her rest soundly. NV drinks. He says Ishani may have gone, no, I will advise everything to her today, we won’t battle. He requests that her give the papers to him. He tears the magazine papers. He says see I m murdering this snake. He yells. Tune jo na kaha… .plays… … ..

He hits on the table and yells why not trust me, Ishani. She comes and says your hand is dying, what’s up. He holds her hand and says my Ishani, I felt you left, yet… .are you extremely here or am I dreaming. He kisses her hand and says you are here. He chuckles and says I m so upbeat. She rushes to get medical aid. She does the guide. He says take a gander at my better half, obstinate. She does the dressing. He says fix the bandage to our connection. She requests that he hush up now.

He solicits won’t you do dressing from my heart wound, you loathe me, I detest you, this is our connection of abhor, there is no affection, I m awful, its alright, for what reason do you despise me. She requests that he rest. He says you need to proceed to get liberated from my adoration, this connection, you can see my displeasure, not give it a second thought, I never deceived you, Ishani, are you tuning in, I love you a great deal, more than my life. She isn’t there. He says you can go to emergency clinic whenever and do medical procedure, I won’t tell anything, I will get red roses unfailingly, let asthma transpire, I couldn’t care less, I need to keep you glad, trust me.

Its morning, NV awakens. Ishani prevents him from having water. She says you need to save quick for Bebe’s bliss, I would prefer not to contend now, I need my answer till night, you are overlooking separation bargain. Bebe says I have made puja thali prepared. NV prepares and comes. Bebe says I dropped all the gatherings, I m the manager here, you both need to hear me out. He says I will tune in, I do tune in to everybody, I have no other work.

Ishani says I need separate, you know it, why this at that point. Bebe says it doesn’t occur in the event that you need, you both are still a couple. She requests that NV help Ishani in making shivling. He says I don’t have the foggiest idea. She says Ishani will instruct you. NV and Ishani sit to make shivling. Yeh moh… .plays… .. Bittu comes and grins seeing them. Bebe and Bittu go. Ishani and NV contend. She says simply state yes for the separation bargain. He goes.

Precap: NV and Ishani implore in puja. She requests separate. NV says I m prepared to give what you need.


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