Sanjivani 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Ishani Wants Her Answers


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The Episode begins with Ishani saying don’t cause me to feel blameworthy, Rahil knows it all, Sid needs to recall his past, its devil that I know why Sid did that with me, he needs to offer me all the responses, by what method will I ask him, he doesn’t recollect that anything, do you have any remedy for this torment. She goes. Rishabh says we will check this case once more. NV thinks. He goes to Ishani. She asks him not to stop her. He requests that her compose the past and furthermore the future, where she can remain upbeat, they will together… She takes a gander at him. He says sorry, I implied, I guaranteed you an existence with fortitude and conviction.

She asks by what method will I compose another story, I thought to ask Sid everything, except destiny made everything incorrectly, whom will I ask now. He says time, keep some persistence, you will find all solutions and this discernment will change. He says you need me to overlook the three years and change my recognition, in what capacity would this be able to occur, Sid will get fine and show his privileges on me, what will I do, I m nothing, I have no certainty, vocation, companions, or connection, I m getting everybody’s scorn, Sid is getting compassion, my desire is demolished. She tosses water on the glass. She says I have fizzled. She cries.

She says nothing worked now. He says no, give me some time now. She says I can hardly wait for additional. I will remind him the past minutes until he reviews, and he answers me. She tosses a keychain and goes. NV picks it. Sid says Ishani, Maa, Guddu, where is everybody. Rahil asks how are you feeling now, Ishani went for adjusts. He asks where are mum and Guddu. Rahil says they had mannat for you and went. He thinks sorry, I can’t disclose to you since they have died. Sid says ask Ishani to call Maa, I m fine, her mannat finished. Rahil says sorry, you need to sit tight for additional time, you can’t eat vada pau right now. Sid says call Ishani. Rahil says she will come, control yourself. Rishabh asks what’s going on. Rahil says he is sinking.

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Rishabh treats him. Rahil says where is Ishani. NV looks on. He deals with Sid and presents himself as Sanjivani’s new CFO, Navratan Singh. Sid expresses gratitude toward him. NV says I need you get fine soon, I truly need this, with the goal that you continue obligation soon, we need great specialists. Sid gets some information about Anjali. NV says she is in Germany, she is a visitor instructor in an establishment, Juhi is occupied at campgrounds. Sid requests Ishani, NV grins. Sid says Rahil… NV says I will let you know, Ishani… I have sent her for a medical procedure. Sid says you did great, on the off chance that she sees me along these lines, she will be stressed, since when am I in trance like state. NV says we can talk later. Sid says you said we should speak directly. NV says I m happy you recollect it. He thinks I wish you remember everything. He says sorry, you were in extreme lethargies since three years. Sid is stunned.

Sid says Ishani is my beginning and end, I didn’t have the foggiest idea about my father since youth, when I found a good pace him, he died. NV says simply consider lovely things, not stretch. Sid says Ishani constantly upheld me, so she has sat tight for me, this hold up is love. NV says your hold up is finished, you are here in Sanjivani with Ishani. Sid says you said I will get fine soon, I will give her a tight embrace and vanish all the torment, did you get such affections for somebody. NV thinks I m additionally sitting tight for this adoration. Sid says Ishani… . He rests. NV conceals him with the cover. Rahil comes. He says I realize I got out of hand with you, I improved, you can see, he just takes Ishani’s name, just Ishani can make him fine, you can persuade her, I demand you. He cries. NV embraces him promotion says there is no reason to worry. NV figures how might I do this, her past is her injury.

Precap: NV says I will be glad when Ishani gets fine. Ishani says I will meet Sid to reveal to him everything and request my answers.


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