Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Ishika Gets Drunk In Party


Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1

Roop inquires as to whether regardless she supposes Himani merits this decoration? Flashback demonstrates how Himani asked Roop whose life is in risk? Roop enlightens everything regarding Shamsher and specialist telling that his life is in risk, I gave all of you torment to give him less mental pressure, in the event that you get this award, at that point he will be rationally focused again and will drink once more. Flashback closes. Ishika says Himani doesnt merit this award. Chief says Himani is suspended for not following law. Ishika says no, anybody would do this to spare her significant other. Himani says dont state anything, she removes her identifications. Magistrate calls Roop in front of an audience. Roop brings Shamsher in front of an audience and makes him offer decoration to Roop. Himani and Himanshu looks on. Shamsher embraces him and grins. Bua makes band play and goes to do Shamsher

what’s more, Roop’s tilak. Ishika looks on. Roop says I will begin police preparing from tomorrow. Shamsher says I will join obligation from tomorrow. Roop expresses gratitude toward Himani.

Roop prepares and says Shamsher will drink wine being cheerful, he makes him a glass and blends cold beverage in it. Ishika comes there and is strained. She takes a gander at decoration. He asks what are doing? Ishika says I will dependably recall this current decoration’s value so lets keep it with your consumed things. Roop says flawless, my better half ought to be in my gathering, he gives her a dress and says we need to claim to be a joyfully hitched couple. He takes wine glasses and leaves. Ishika sees wine bottles.

Scene 2

All are making the most of Roop’s gathering. Jigna and Dinesh comes there as well. Kamla pulls Jigna aside and asks how are you? She says I am fine however Manish.. Kamla requests that her quiet down. Himani and Himanshu comes there. Bua asks who called them? Roop says I called them, we go to their capacities so why cant they? Himani expresses gratitude toward Roop for sparing her and her significant other’s life. Shamsher says seeing you without uniform makes me need to favor you. Himani contacts his feet. Shamsher favors them and says our entryways are open for you starting now and into the foreseeable future. Himani embraces him. Kamla embraces her as well. Bua brings desserts for them and says Roop united family, just Ishika is remaining. Where is she? Kamla says she is preparing. Roop says I will proceed to check.

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Roop comes in room and sees Ishika alcoholic. He is paralyzed. Ishika comes to him and says I drank a bit, I pursue my significant other, you drink every day so I drank a little, its great, presently your festival, gives up. Roop says you wont go to party. Ishika says its my significant other’s gathering, I wont do anything, she keeps running from that point.

Ishika comes in gathering and begins moving entertainingly on bawri. She pulls Roop and moves around him. All are paralyzed seeing her shenanigans. She drinks cold beverage. Roop stops her and says accompany me, dont do show. Ishika says you can do any dramatization yet no one says anything? why? since you do what you need, since you are Roopendra Singh Waghela, all are extraordinary in light of the fact that they cannot see your slip-ups. Roop attempts to take her yet Ishika stops and says your children fouled up and they were rebuffed, Roop is fouling up however no one says anything. One visitor says she is flushed so saying all reality. Ishika says to Himani that you were solid, I conflicted with just for you yet you gave away your uniform since you wound up feeble? Ishika says a young lady goes to her inlaws supposing she will have a glad life, there is no reason to worry however here.. no one is cheerful with the exception of men of this house. Shamsher frowns at her.

PRECAP-Ishika says to Shamsher that you get alcoholic everynight and do jokes however no one says anything since you are a man? Shamsher says you will lecture me in my home as it were? He attempts to toss her out however Ishika’s mom says sorry.


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