RadhaKrishn 6th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Radha Reaches Dwarka


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Kutila and Ayan claim Radha that she needs to appreciate VIP treatment by tolerating Dwarkadish Krishna’s challenge to visit Dwarka. Radha guarantees Ugrasen that she will have a basic existence in Dwarka as she does here. Ugrasen wishes her sheltered excursion. Krishna happily thinks his Radha is coming. In Dwarka, Rukmini enthusiastically approaches house keepers to design a space for Radha and fix swinger in it as Radha wants to swing on swinger. Krishna reveals to her that Radha may like something different with respect to her lone love matters and not common joys, and so on.

Radha goes in truck towards Dwarka. Driver stops truck close Dwarka entryway and requests that her turn out and see an astounding perspective. Radha sees entrancing Dwarka and requests that driver take her in soon. Krishna calls Balram and indicating him a room close to kitchen, which is before Krishna’s room, requests that he give this space to Radha. Rukmini takes Radha to her finished room and says she can remain here. Radha says she has guaranteed her residents that she won’t acknowledge VIP treatment and will have an ordinary existence as she does in Barsana, so she can’t acknowledge this room. Balram says Krishna has improved a space for her before his room and takes her along. Rukmini exhaust thinking Krishna realized that Radha yielded common delights, so he previously orchestrated a space for Radha without educating Rukmini.

Radha strolls into her kitchen and gets enthusiastic seeing its being copy of her home and thinks Krishna beautified it like her home. She tells house keepers that she is one among them and will remain with them. They get intrigued with her effortlessness. Revathi shows Radha her room where Krishna is perched on a swinger. She reveals to him that he made a world superior to her fantasy and guarantees that she will be Krishna’s daasi/worker till Rukmini acknowledges valid for Krishna like Radha, and so on.

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After at some point, Radha cuts vegetables in kitchen. Rukmini inquires as to for what reason is she cutting vegetables. Radha says she will have a straightforward existence like hirelings in kitchen. Rukmini sends workers away and asks Radha on the off chance that she won’t request what reason she called her here. Radha says she can’t deny her closest companion Krishna’s greeting and inquires as to for what reason did she call. Rukmini says she and Krishna will take blessed plunge in Siddhashram in Radha’s essence and afterward she will uncover what is in her psyche. Radha trusts their relationship ought to be of companions until the end of time. Rukmini leaves anxious deduction after whatever she discloses to Radha today, their relationship wouldn’t be same.

Precap: Rukmini inquires as to whether she will tell truth for her inquiry. Radha says she never lies. Rukmini inquires as to for what reason didn’t she illuminate that she cherishes Krishna.


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