RadhaKrishn 4th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Rukmini’s Request To Krishna


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Pandit illuminates that after Krishna and Rukmini’s jaymala, kuldevta’s pooja will be performed. Revathi says till pooja courses of action are made, they will play a shell discovering game. Balram says he didn’t play out this custom during his wedding, so as a senior he will initially play this game and afterward Krishna will. Krishna concurs. Balram takes him along. Revathi seeing Rukmini’s miserable face approaches her and asks reason. Rukmini says she questions Radha as she educated numerous things about Krishna and don’t have the foggiest idea why she shrouded many. Revathi solicits how might she think from Radha like this when Radha did favors to her, kept her in house, served her, and even uncovered a great deal about Krishna. She at that point takes her for customs where she and Balram play game and Balram wins. Radha before playing game discloses to Krishna that she needs a blessing from him on the off chance that she wins. Krishna concurs. She wins and discloses to Krishna that he pledges her a blessing. Krishna grins. Balram asks Krishna for what good reason did he lose intentionally. Krishna says he did it with an explanation which Balram will know later.

Revathi detecting Rukmini’s quandary inquires as to whether she is confounded with respect to Radha once more. Rukmini determines what Kutila told. Revathi asks how might she ponder Radha while Radha is the person who helped her so much; she further uncovers that Krishna and Radha love one another, and still, after all that Radha submitted Krishna to Rukmini and she persuaded Krishna for marriage, their adoration is unadulterated and interminable. Rukmini is stunned hearing it and thinks however Radha cherishes Krishna, Krishna doesn’t adore Radha, else he wouldn’t have hitched Rukmini.

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Krishna and Rukmini’s wedding customs complete. Ugrasen says now the two of them need to perform pooja in blessed water. Krishna and Rukmini perform pooja. Devaki says now they need to take a sacred plunge. Rukmini denies and approaching Krishna says she needs him to welcome Radha here and she will take blessed dunk in Radha’s quality. Krishna concurs. Balram approaches Krishna on the off chance that he was hanging tight for Rukmini to welcome Radha. Krishna says destiny has welcomed Radha here.

Precap: Krishna welcomes Radha to Dwarka. Balram asks Krishna for what good reason did he welcome Radha much subsequent to knowing Rukmini’s aims. Krishna says Rukmini will open new part of Radha Krishna’s adoration.


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